Black Keys vs Twenty One Pilots

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Black Keys vs Twenty One Pilots

Round 1: Familiarity

I listen to The Black Keys a lot. I only just know Twenty One Pilots like minutes ago.
Winner: The Black Keys

Round 2: Songs vs Songs (since Twenty One Pilots are pretty new, I haven't seen a lot of videos about their Favourite songs. And I admit, I first heard The Black Keys with their single Tighten Up and got hooked up with their latest album. I haven't listened to their old songs. So, to be fair, we will have their recent singles/songs battle each other.

Lonely Boy vs House of Gold | Winner: Twenty One Pilot

Gold On The Ceiling vs Migraine | Winner: The Black Keys

Little Black Submarines vs Holding On To You | Winner: The Black Keys
Winner: The Black Keys

Round 3: Accomplishment

The Black Keys won a lot of Grammy for their successful albums Brothers and El Camino.
Twenty One Pilots accomplished to hypnotize everyone with their own amazing, poppy musical style into dancing, chanting, singing, rapping along with them. For new artists, they done pretty well for themselves to get themselves known. While The Black Keys have been in the music industry since a decade ago and they got to taste the fame in their two latest albums. They even brought back rock & roll to this new age in such incredible way.
Winner: The Black Keys

Final Round: Continuity

The Black Keys will be producing another studio album after the successful El Camino album. Twenty One Pilots still making music, of course.
Winner: Tie

Overall Win: The Black Keys

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