#artissmart / THIS-IS-ARCHITECTURE!!!

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#artissmart / THIS-IS-ARCHITECTURE!!!

Hello, beautifuls!
I just heard about a contest Mr Gee has created like three days ago and I just started and finished it today....which is actually Friday in the east side of the Earth. So, my only hope is that I'm still qualified to participate in the contest. Anyway, here is the drawing I made for him. I called it "Gee-louette". Hope you guys like it. I might do something like this for a new batch of Killjoy symbols later. (Yeah, I've been busy and tired lately so I haven't had time with the Killjoy symbols.)

Next is what I've been doing while I'm studying architecture this year: 3D effing modelling! Fudge, I think my dream is almost coming true. Because what I'm doing right now will soon become a connection to 3D animation! It's freaking awesome! As of now, this is what I do in class. Creating natural lighting, artificial lighting, landscaping, and...you know what? I'm creating reality right here!! I'm a freaking God when I'm doing this! Hahahahaha.....haha....haha.....ha.....That's not funny....yup....not funny at all....

Last picture: This is what I'm doing for a project that's been given to me. This is a retreat house that I designed for my last semester project (handdrawn before this). Obviously, I turned my handdrawn design into a 3D model design. Hmmm....I really don't know what else to say about this, to be honest.

Now the bad news, I can't draw with my hands anymore. I can't use a pencil to draw something on paper. Everytime I try to draw something, the result will be ugly. Especially when I want to draw anime stuffs. I have become horrible at drawing anime now. It really sucks. That's why I use digital art to draw Mr Gee's twitter profile picture. I was going to make an anime look of him but I can't anymore. I really hate it when I gained something, I lose something as well. It's just sucks.