Today's MCR Process

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Today's MCR Process

So,I have ten minutes left in class and I decide that I am going to write a blog. It's my daily thing, to keep people updated and to express my feelings of the day. I type "", like I do every weekday, and find that things have changed.

It is no longer the message they posted on March 22, 2013. It is something new. They are offically announcing the release of their greatest hits. The album will not only their best songs though. Oh, no.

They are releasing the attic demos, previously unreleased stuff, and one of the LAST. SONGS. THEY. RECORDED. TOGETHER.

Not only that, but it's being released on the 25th of March. That is exactly three days from the 1 year anniversary of the split.

Excuse me while I go in the corner to cry...and await the 21st of January so I can pre-order it.

Stay alive, Killjoys.