I Really Don't Care

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I Really Don't Care

I am in a REALLY weird mood. I really don't care about much right now.

So, last period was English. We have this research paper due on Tuesday that I've barely worked on. At the beginning of class, I think, "okay, I don't have tumblr at home so I'll keep these research windows open and do it later". I log onto tumblr and scroll through my dash....

By the end of class I am blissfully happy. I don't even know why. Maybe it was the funny text post, maybe it was Tom Hiddleston seductively licking a blood popsicle (don't judge; Tom, I am kind of sorry) or maybe it was the frerard tag. All that mattered was I had show tunes and rock/pop/punk in my ears.

To say the least, this is the happiest I've ever been with not being productive at all. I actually don't care. I'll care later, and am actually starting to care now, but until then.....

I just felt like sharing. Sorry about that...

Does anyone here listen to Full Frontal? I am just wondering because it is a hilarious show and I like conversation. :)

Also, thanks for all the "Mikey Fuckin Way" shirt tips. I WILL be utilizing them some time. ;)

Love to all!