This is for the killjoys who will stay strong

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This is for the killjoys who will stay strong

who is she to say we're worthless
making us all just feel so helpless
her with tall high heels and her big fake smile
with her mouth spewing all those words so vile

But we have a strength that she doesnt know
We have the power to get up and go
we have a place in the black parade
Where we are able to stop the charade

together we can stand so tall
and together her words seem so very small
we all have each other through the good and the bad
One messed up family for when are sad

wipe the tears from each others faces
and greet one another in warm embraces
Together we will always be strong
And with that new strength we'll all carry on

so welcome to your new home
a place to stay when your alone
welcome to the aftermath
where you dont have to feel the old worlds wrath