Say WHAT!? What the fudge nugget!

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Say WHAT!? What the fudge nugget!

I've been reading recently that MCR is breaking up, and I find that hard to believe.
I'm not a person who pays attention to rumors (because you can't trust what a third party tells you really), But I've been seeing this recently EVERY WHERE. Its getting ridiculous. I've read on other blogs and on face book that its not true, but still, its quite the freakout starter.

AND there is some more stuff about Mickey and honestly, I know nothing about this, and I don't WANT to know about it. Its just going to be pointless drama and fans, although they will/can be disappointed, should really try to respect their privily. I'm pretty sure none of us would like having our laundry tossed in the public eye for all to see and judge.

Of course everyone judges things, but people should really try to do two things: Not listen to gossip and try to trust what the people involved in it say (and inference [come to a conclusion] from there),
OR just not give a shit and enjoy what music they have and be a real fan and just love what/who they are, were, and will be.

They really are just humans, and you really can't go "OOOoooooo! A Scandal!" that's being a bit of a Mrs.Dursly. But then again I really have NO idea about whats going on becauzse I have no twitter, tumbler, m bla bla black berry(?), my space, etc. only email, and Facebook. I am and always will be a completely disconnected teen/adult (depending on witch country your in), and I'm mostly fine with that. My friends are the best message system ever, they hear about something look up articals about it, TELL ME, then I look it up and we share opinions and move on with life and thats a rare occurance (the gossip I mean, not that I have no life).