First Intervention Team member

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First Intervention Team member

This afternoon, I had a training organized by my firm. It was called "First Intervention Team member". It taught us how to react when a fire was breaking out. I think it could be useful to write few things I learnt, it could help you at home or everywhere.

1st thing : In a fire, death rarely occured because of the flames. Most of time, it is due to toxic gas and smokes. When you are in a room where there is a fire, smoke and all, stay as close as possible to the floor. Why ? Because hot gas and smokes will stay above you (hot air goes upon cold air), and you will be able to breathe. Moreover, the temperature is colder near the floor. We did the experience in a room, we put our hand up and felt the difference !

2nd thing : Extinguishers. Please don't use water to put all fires out ! It depends on the kind of fire. All fires of materials that produce ashes after burning (wood, cardboard, paper, etc) can be stopped by water. Liquid and solid hydrocarbons (gasoline, plastics, solvents...) fires must be extinguished with a powder. Electric fires and fires caused by vegetable or animal oil must be put out by carbon dioxide (NO WATER).

3rd thing : A fire spreads very fast : after one minute, you can put it out with a glass of water. After two minutes, with a water bucket. After three minutes, with a thousand litres of water. Don't open doors or windows of a room in fire, it will increase the combustion by 200 or 300 ! More than everything, you have to stay calm, evacuate and call assistance.

4th thing : If a bottle of gas (I don't mean "gasoline", ok ? I mean air, oxygen, propane, etc.) is fired, there is no danger as long as you know this : if you close the bottle but don't put the fire out, gas inside will be compressed by heat and your bottle will become a bomb. If you put the fire out without closing the bottle, gas will escape and can explode. If you do nothing, gas will burn, and stop burning when bottle is empty. Or you can take a wet towel and smother the fire while closing the bottle.

Here it is, I hope it will help you.