Tic-tacs for Thought

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Tic-tacs for Thought

Feeling philosophical today:

Is there such a thing as being truly 'original' or are we merely patchworks of the people and things in our life which affect us obviously and in clandestine ways?

At what point is life technically over? When can we for certain 'pull the plug'? Is it brain-death, or physical death, or something else? What gives us the right to decide?

If your body can be mutilated and you can still live because your brain is unharmed, is the soul trapped within the brain?

What is light and why are we so anxious in the lack of it?

Why do human beings need social interaction to survive? Why do we get sick or die without other humans around us? (Mary Ainsworth Russian orphanage studies on attachement)

Do dreams have meaning? Do all dreams or select ones? What about recurring dreams? Or nightmares?

Why must we have the need to create in-groups and out-groups and feel the need to exclude people?

When is a relationship between people (parent/child, husband/wife, friends, etc.) more of an obligation than out of love? What happens to the relationship when one party is not willing to make necessary sacrifices for the other to keep a healthy relationship? Is the love gone?

Does love even exist? Or is it just a state of infatuation until the glimmer fades away? What even is love?

Is there such a thing as 'going home'? Can you ever truly return home?

Why does society force men to be emotionally constipated and force women to objectify their bodies for attention? Why can't men cry and girls be tough without derogatory comments coming into the picture? Why do girls have to be skimpy and overly skinny for love and acceptance?

Why is there such a hatred of change?

Why do people get labeled as freaks for not fitting into the traditional norms? Why is different bad?