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Who are they?
My favorite fuckin band

How long have you known about them?
just over a year

Who introduced you to them?
a friend

What was your first impression of them?
wow really good singer


Favorite album?
Maybe three cheers But I love all the albums!

Favorite Song?
how do I decide?! It varies depending on my mood and the day

Favorite album artwork?
Danger Days

Least Favorite album?
i don't have one!!!

Least Favorite song?
don't have one

Least Favorite album artwork?
don't have one


Who do you like better, Matt or Bob?
Who's Matt? But yeah Bob

Should they have a keyboardist?
Wait What? Don't they?

Which one, if any, is your hero?
Gerard because hes been through tons of shit and yet he turned out to be one of the best singers on the planet (tied with Ray and Frankie) and he's an amazing artist

Do you think they have changed since the beginning of the band?
yeah, they don't all do drugs anymore and they don't think the world is shit anymore

Have you ever met them?
no but i would kill to


Do you think that they are "emo"?
it means emotional, so yes they're emotional. but they aren't that stupid stereotype people started.

Did you freak out when Mikey ditched the glasses?
i didn't know them back then

Do you obsess over Gerard's hair?
yeah because I have problems

What song could describe your life at the moment?
It's Not A Fashion statement it's A Fuckin Deathwish

Do you believe everything you read/hear about their personal lives?
why would I? A lot of stuff is rumours and rumours are fucking idiotic


Are they your favorite band?
Hell Yeah!

Could you ever stop liking them?
could Justin Beiber ever act like a guy?

Would you get a tattoo to show your dedication as a fan?
No, needles are my enemy

How many times have you seen Life on the Murder Scene?
ummm, never but I intend to

Have you had to rebuy cds because you wore them out from listening to them too much?
not yet

If you could say anything to them, what would you say?
Umm honestly I'd probably start squeaking like a mouse and freak them out

Have you seen them in concert?
yes and it was awesome and I got to go with one of my BEST friends ever

What is the most you would pay to see them in concert?

When did you first discover MCR?

When did you start to like MCR?

Which was your first album?
Danger Days

What was your first music video?
Na Na Na

Which band member's name did you learn first?
Gerard Way

Favorite music video?
Um Na Na Na or not okay

Favorite Band Member?
Love all but my favorite is Frankie

Rate Your Obsession on a Scale from 1-10

Would you defend them physically if someone dissed them?
Probably not. I mean I'd just tell them everything I know about the band and eventually they'd say they're sorry but really I'd just do it to tick the off. They can think what they want.

Do your friends like them?
half of my friends meaning 1

Did you make them like them (Come on, admit it)
Actually no, that friend introduced me to them