Demolition lovers chapter 1: I know that I can't make u stay but where's ur heart?

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Demolition lovers chapter 1: I know that I can't make u stay but where's ur heart?

(Yes Firefly I did another one and yes it’s in first person. So stop complaining and get a grip on your fuckin life.)
(Just as a note. I am not trying to make Bob seem evil. I wish Bob would come back to the band ok? And please don’t kill me after you read this.)
I jumped as buzzing went off near my head.
“Aw shit.” I muttered, slamming my fist down on the power button. Another night spent writing instead of sleeping. I couldn’t help it. When I got an idea in my head I had to write.
I swung my legs over the side of my bed and yawned. Leaning over I pressed a button and waited for my hair straightener to heat up. I walked over to my bedroom mirror and tugged at a strand of my long black hair. I pulled some make-up out of a drawer and began to apply lots of eye shadow, creating rings of black around my eyes. I smudged it a little with my fingers and went to check if my hair straightener was heated up or not.
It was so I quickly straightened my hair, turned it off, and headed downstairs. No-one else was up. Typical.
I was forced to ride the bus and get ready at 5:00 in the morning while everybody else-including my brother who went to the exact same school as me I might add-slept in. Consequently he always missed the first hour of school. Not like I gave a shit. I preferred to be alone although I did reflect that I had only been told to wake myself up after I began to wear all black.
I think my family is afraid of me. Not like it matters if they are. I’ve never “fit it” with who I’m expected to. I’m the kind of person who will never be accepted no matter how hard I try so finally I stopped trying. My friends realized all this years ago. It took me a while.
Fortunately my hair was already black so that saved me time. I didn’t have to dye it unlike most of my friends although it was so wavy and curly that I had to straighten it every day or I would have to do it for hours. We were quite a sight, teenagers dressed all in black, walking through the halls of High School. I sighed as I shoved a waffle into the toaster and waited for it to pop up.
I ran my fingers through my hair and shoved last night’s homework into my bag. Let’s just say I’m not the most organized person in the world and consequently my grades could be better. But things were always this way, long before High School. Long before I met my friends who led me into black. Of course my family blamed them for all my problems.
I jumped as the waffle popped back up. I grabbed it and made my way to the bus stop. It was a twenty minute walk. I took a bite of the waffle and gagged. It tasted awful. I spat it out and chucked the remaining 3/4 into the woods.
I waited at my bus stop, alert for voices which I knew would come.
“Hey freak.” A high pitched nasally voice grated through me.
“Hey bitch.” I said without turning around.
“Oh look the ass-hole can talk.” Another voice snickered.
“Shut it fucktard.” I snapped and waited for the bus.
“You don’t talk to us that way.” The nasally voice hissed in my ear and yanked on my hair. I suppressed a yelp of pain. Showing no emotion except to slam my foot down on little miss perfect’s foot. Her name was Sylvia and she was definitely part of the “in-crowd” the total opposite of me. She always had a least twenty boys drooling at her heels, and all the girls in the school worshipped her.
She hopped around on one foot shrieking. Slowly her bodyguards began to advance on me. I stood still.
“3…2…1” I said under my breath and heard the bus arrive. I turned around and walked into it. Instantly I sat down next to Frankie. My boyfriend, if you could give it a normal name. We referred to ourselves more as demolition lovers because it was way more dramatic. The same went for Gerard and Lilly.
“Get in a fight with Sylvia?” He guessed from the expression on my face.
“You mean miss perfect? Yeah.” I snorted, sticking my middle finger up at her when she walked on the bus. Most people would get worried that the bus driver would punish them. Not me. We could kill somebody on the bus and he wouldn’t even notice. Some said he was deaf but once someone asked him a question and he’d given her the answer.
Sylvia returned the gesture but went to sit next to one of her fifty boyfriends.
“Hey I called Gee last night.” Frankie said.
“I was wicked bored and he was too.”
“And I was just having the time of my life with homework.”
“Aw shit don’t make me feel guilty.” Frankie objected.
“You should feel guilty. My family hates me.”
“How is that my fault?”
“It’s not. I just use it as an excuse.”
“Weren’t you texting Lilly anyway?”
“You know I hate texting. But yes I was.”
He smirked.
“What. That’s the only way to even get ahold of her.” I said.
“Yeah. I guess.”
“I tried to call you and Gerard but the line was busy.” I added.
Frankie grinned nervously.
“How long were you talking to him anyway?”
“How long were you texting Lilly?”
Then I caught sight of the school and took a deep breath.
“Just another day in hell.” Frankie muttered. I looked at him and slipped the straps of my bag over my shoulder again. As soon as the bus stopped I was off it. I’m not even kidding. I literally would stand up by the doors and wait. Did the driver care? No. So as soon as the doors began to open I was off and headed into the school. Frankie quickly caught up with me and we walked inside.
We kissed each other and then went off to our classes. I had math first thing. He had science. Lucky son of a bitch. I could never focus in math and it was worse when it was first thing in the morning. Plus I had to sit right next to Sylvia. Fortunately Lilly sat next to me too.
“Hey.” Lilly said as I dumped my bag on the ground.
“Hey.” I said. “Where’s Mr. Ash?” (also known as Mr. Ass)
“Pfft probably faking sickness again.”
“So we get stuck with who?”
“Actually we get Mrs. D.”
Mrs. D was so nice she could get even the devil to like her. Not that I knew the devil at all.
“Ok class. You can sit wherever you want today.” Mrs. D announced. Instantly everyone was moving around. Lilly and I remained in the same place and waited for Gee and Mikey to walk over. Of course they did and Gee kissed Lilly discreetly. She kissed him back and Mikey sat next to me. We were all amazing friends.
“Now according to Mr. Ash’s notes you will be taking a test today.” I let out a groan. “On fractions.” I groaned again.
“The most boring thing in the world.” I muttered and Mikey let out a small laugh. Mrs. D handed out the paper and we all began to work on the problems.
About twenty minutes later I was done with all fifty questions. Lilly was done too, Gee finished in another minute, and Mikey finished about a second after him. I looked around and saw that we were the only ones done. I got to my feet, passed the test in, and grabbed a piece of scrap paper before Mrs. D noticed and walked back to the desk.
I pulled out a pen and scribbled on the back of the page while Lilly, Gee, and Mikey turned in their tests. Slowly the scribbles began to take the shape of a horse. A proud stallion guarding the mares and foals that pranced around him. The wind whipped his mane all around him and his nostrils flared.
“Nice drawing.” I heard a voice whisper in my ear and I blushed, flipping the paper over. I looked at Frankie and stuck out my tongue to cover the awkward moment.
“What are you doing here?” I asked.
“I got transferred. Got into a fight with Jake Burns.”
“The captain of the football team?” I gasped.
“That would be the one.” He said, sitting down on my left. “Let’s say I know why he’s the captain.” He added, showing me a dark bruise on his arm.
“Oh, you baby. I’ve seen way worse. Helena can cause worse than that.” I snorted. Helena was my parrot.
“Yeah he was worse off.” Frankie agreed. “I think I broke his nose. But he can definitely do a good tackle.”
“Don’t you need to tell Mrs. D that you’re here?” Lilly hissed.
“Nope. I’m supposed to just hang out and see how this class works.”
“How come they transferred you into advanced math?”
“Well in their words I’m ‘ready to take the next step in this subject’ plus they couldn’t find a place anywhere else.”
“Maybe I should get in a fight with miss perfect and not be in anymore classes with her.” I mused looking over to where, instead of working she was flirting with yet another boy. But she did it sneakily so Mrs. D wouldn’t notice.
“It wouldn’t work. Like I said there are no other places in another class.”
“Like I give a shit?”
Frankie sighed and looked at me. Then he snatched my drawing from under my hand and looked at it.
“Hey!” I snapped. He smiled evilly.
“Give it back Frank.” Lilly told him.
“Because Mrs. D is coming over.” Gee said.
“Damn it.” Frankie swore and practically threw the paper at me. I grabbed it and began shading it in. Then when he was talking to Mrs. D I drew a spider. It looked like a black widow except it had a lightning bolt instead of an hourglass. I grabbed a couple colored pencils from my bag, colored it in, and just as he finished talking to Mrs. D I slipped it under his nose so that when he looked down he lept into the air.
This had the effect of him falling over backwards. Lilly, Gee, Mikey, and I all burst out laughing. Frankie glared at me. Still laughing Gee took the paper and added a few more details to the spider. We could all draw but Gee and I were best and when it came to people and anything but animals Gee was better. No-one could top my horses though.
Frankie glared at us while we laughed. He picked his chair up and sat down again, crossing his arms. We were all still laughing. Then I heard a high pitched tinkling laugh and I fell silent. My hands clenched into fists and I started to get up. Instantly Frankie grabbed my arm to stop me. I reluctantly sat back down but continued to quiver with rage. I could see that Lilly’s eyes had darkened and she was glaring at Sylvia. Mikey glared at her with his eyes full of hatred. Gee had quickly drawn a picture of her face, with snakes for hair and he held it up and ripped it to pieces. Sylvia ignored us and turned back to her boyfriend.
“Is there a problem here?” Mrs. D asked kindly.
“No. It’s just I’m afraid of spiders and Sierra was drawing one.” Frankie said quickly. Instantly Gee’s drawing vanished from sight but my spider/stallion remained. I saw Mrs. D look at it and her mouth dropped.
“You drew this?” She asked. I nodded.
“Gerard did something to the spider.” I added quickly but she was busy staring at the stallion.
Mrs. D was also the second art teacher but when she didn’t have classes she usually subbed.
“This is amazing. Do you mind if I put it on the art board?”
I cast a glance at my friends asking for help but they ignored me.
“Um, sure.”

At lunch~
“Damn science was shit!” Lilly complained, slamming her tray down at our table.
“Yeah. I know. What do you get when you mix 2 units of hydrogen with 1 of oxygen? Water. Duh!” I agreed.
“Great. I have that to look forward to.” Bob said.
“So do I.” Gee objected.
“And me.” Ray added.
“Am I just invisible?” Frankie demanded.
“Hmm. Did you hear something guys?” I asked. He punched my arm.
“I’m kidding.” I said quickly.
“Ha ha.” He said.
“Take a joke Frankie.” Gee said.
“Gee.” Lilly muttered.
“You’ll regret that in April.” Frankie said, picking up a french fry and pointing it accusingly at Gee.
“Like you’ll wait that long.” Bob put in. Frankie shrugged and ate the fry.
“How can you eat those?” Mikey asked, looking at his in disgust.
“It’s food.” I joked. Frankie punched me again and I punched him back.
“They’re absolutely disgusting.” Lilly put in.
“I know. Fries with no salt. Whose dumb-ass idea was that?” Ray added.
“Hey guys I need to talk to you.” Bob said quietly.
“Bout what?” Gee asked.
“I’m moving.”
“What?” I demanded.
“My parents. They say I need to see other school systems. I hate them.” Bob said miserably.
“When are you leaving?” Frankie asked instantly.
“The end of the week.”
“Why so far?” Mikey asked. Bob shrugged.

The next day at lunch (Friday) ~
“Check out what I found.” I said, showing everyone a short dagger I had discovered the previous day.
“Where the fuck did you find something like that?” Gee asked.
“The trash.” I said. “It was just sitting there.”
“Better put it away. The fucking guidance people are coming.” Mikey said. I looked up and saw that he was right so I slipped the knife into a sheath and stuck it in my boot.
“Was that a knife?” The guidance counselors asked in unison as they reached us.
“No. It’s my cousin’s toy.” I lied. I was such a good liar I scared myself sometimes. One of them looked at me but they both walked away.
“Guys I’m leaving today.” Bob said quietly.
“Already?” Lilly asked. He nodded sadly.
Frankie opened his mouth to say something but just then the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch. We were all walking together but people cut in front of us and we were forced to split up. I ended up next to Frankie as we made our way to our lockers for study hall.

When we got there our friends were already there minus Bob. He must have been taken out early. We made our way through the people screaming and throwing things at each to sit next to them. I felt a pencil slam into the back of my head and turned to glare at Sylvia and Jake.
“Let’s ask to go to the hall.” Mikey said quickly as he noticed my hand going instinctively to my boot. Realizing what I was doing I quickly withdrew my hand.
“Yeah let’s do that.” Lilly said, looking at me from the corner of her eye. I noticed she was holding hands with Gee. Ray had already gone up to ask. He nodded when he came back so we all picked up our stuff and went out to the hall. Of course it was already full of people so we ended up near the stairs but we didn’t care. We never studied anyway. We didn’t need to.
“You’re coming to my house tonight?” I asked.
“Yeah why? And don’t your parents hate us?” Frankie asked, leaning against the wall.
“Yeah but they’re going out with my brother tonight.”
“That sounds creepy.” Gee said.
“What do you…? Oh gross. You perv.”
“I can’t believe they’re leaving you alone.” Lilly interrupted.
“They didn’t want to. It took hours for me to convince them I would be fine. They seem to think I’ll burn the house down.” I said with a roll of my eyes.
“And I bet you would given the chance.” Mikey put in.
“I would never…” I said trying to sound innocent. Everyone burst out laughing at the look on my face, even me and I couldn’t see my own face.
“And here we have dweebicus freakicus.” Sylvia announced. I looked up to see her leading a group of terrified 9th graders around. She was that person that people feared and followed around in case she told her boyfriend, well one of them, Jake, that they hadn’t been nice to her and he would beat them up.
“Leave us the fuck alone.” Mikey snarled.
“I’m sorry did you say something freak?” Sylvia asked, curling her lip and getting in his face.
“Leave him alone.” Gee snapped, yanking her away from his brother.
“Oh nerd fight.” Sylvia said as Gee’s hand’s balled into fists. But it wasn’t him that punched her right in the nose, causing a few drops of blood to splatter on her perfect white shirt. It was Mikey. Everyone stared at him in astonishment. Sylvia shrieked and turned on him again. I stood up and snarled at her. By this point we were all on our feet.
“Go away.” Ray glared.
“Why should I?” She demanded. “You ruined my shirt and I have every right to be here.”
“Because I will fuckin kill you.” I snarled. Lilly joined in so that we sounded like rabid dogs.
“Pull the knife.” I heard Frankie whisper in my ear. At that moment it seemed like the best idea in the world. I pulled the dagger from my boot and moved it so the light sparkled on the silver blade. Sylvia screamed and a teacher came running out.
“We’re dead.” I heard Gee whisper before the teacher came running towards us, her high heels clicking on the tiled floor.