stupid question

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stupid question

i just wanT know what is the favorite quote of you (i'm so boring xD)

my quotes of me :3 (are a shit, i know .__.)

for people is very easy suffer because of this people think that life is suffering.
I love life and you? (one history that i made)

i think than i'm the only person in the planet than don't spent the most of the time complaining about his life. (i fine with my life, i hate than everyone complain about how ugly is his life, is annoying -.-)

scream is like hit, the two things hurt me (me to my mom ¬¬)

every beginning is an end and vice versa

mom: why you don't get your revenge of that girl?

me: why i need revenge when exist karma? if I get my revenge, the only thing I do is stoop to her level.
revenge involves karma, and karma means revenge.
therefore it is stupid that I want to revenged from that girl, she will get what she deserve, and I will enjoy it when that happen.

jeje i'm evil >:D