is everybody doing poems or wtf!?

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is everybody doing poems or wtf!?

jeje, i did a poem today! :D
I did not put a name yet... :/

What if people had the courage to do what they intend?
The world would be better?
Things will change for the better?
People live, just for the fear of death?
People believe in happiness only for comfort?
People invent things for fear of discovering truth?
If people could actually see what they can to make, this world would be full of talent.
That would be good? It is not true?
People do not believe in the range of their own superiority.
People are naive...
People do not want to see further because they do not want.
If people learn to love them self a little more, this world would be full of happiness.
You can not love someone if you do not love yourself.
And when you learn to "be enough in love with yourself" you can love someone else

i think, than i read something similar about the last part...
well, i don't remember...
i hope not xD

you like it ?