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sunday blogs

am posting a lot of blogs today... well it is sunday ad nothing on tv eating salad wathching the rain fall down constantly ...and what do you know its finally partly cloudy wow finally! yes can fnish my quest for franken berrys(yummy)... think might pracrise guitar later i am almost done cancer and and startin disenchanted and half way through 21 guns by greenday .... although i am preatty good but i c a cord play it then i notice i did it wrong then i do it again but then i didnt hold for long enough or i held it for to long after i think i completed that cord i go onto the nxt on and it takes like 30 min. to get it right. after i do the whole process ovr again but then i forget the first chord it is very fustrating... grrrrrrr

but anyway preatty slow lazy day watching reality tv.... oh and to gerards q yes reality tv dose make you
i think ...




omg this pic is so funny look at it!