Thank You For the Venum 27

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Thank You For the Venum 27

yes i know the crazies didnt come out during the time of revenge but i put it there. you gotta remember that little kissing incident with mikey from an earlier chapter!

*Gerard’s P.O.V*

I sat with Frank as he was going off about something. “Hey are you listening?” He asked.

“Oh uh yeah!” I said trying to act like I was.

He rolled his eyes sitting next to me, “You know I think you kinda fucked up but I have to say one thing… HA! TOLD YOU I WASN’T GONNA GET VENUM PREGO!”

Rebecca walked in leaning on the wall, “Oh yeah?” Frank and I went pale.

She started laughing, “I'm just joking! You’re guys are so gullible!”

Frank smiled an evil grin then got up and tackled Rebecca. I laughed as they rolled on the floor wrestling. Melody came and sat next to me, “Fighting again?”

I smiled, “Yeah. It was pretty funny. Rebecca pretended she was pregnant.”

Melody laughed, “She always does that.”

*Ash’s P.O.V*

I sat in the bunk reading a book. Mikey slid in, “Hey Ash.”

I grunted as I was still mad at him. He frowned, “Are you still mad at me?”

I gave him a ‘no shit Sherlock!’ look. He gave me puppy dog eyes from behind his vintage glasses. I sighed, “Fine, I'm not gonna be mad. Just don’t do that again.”

He smiled, “Yay!” He kissed my cheek. I giggled kissing him back.

*Rebecca’s P.O.V*

“I'm boooooored.” Frank whined to me.

I rolled my eyes, “Why don’t we play a game?”

Gerard got excited, “Spin the bottle!” He grabbed a bottle of beer and chugged it down, “Done!”

“Impressive.” I laughed. He blushed a little then went to retrieve everyone else to play.

Gerard then returned with everyone and the ten of us sat in a circle. Emily, Ray, April, Bob, Melody, Gerard, Ash, Mikey, Frank, and I. Frank spun first not caring. The bottle went round, and round and round till it stopped… on Gerard. We all giggled as the two started making out.

They were kissing for a little TOO long. Melody and I pulled the two apart controlling our boyfriends. Frank giggled, “Why’d we have to stop?”

I rolled my eyes, “Because you’re dating me, not Gerard.”

Frank shrugged and handed the bottle to me, “You’re turn.” He winked.

I laughed taking the bottle. I spun it not very hard but it spun awhile. It came to a slow stop pointing. I was almost afraid. Ash gave Mikey and I a death glare. Everyone was silent as I sat next to Mikey. I whispered to him in a shaky voice, “This kiss means nothing.” He nodded.

I Gulped going in for a kiss. No one said a word, not even breathed. Our lips connected for about ten seconds then pulled back fast. This wasn’t something you could make a joke of like when Gerard and Frank kissed. I tried to forget it then returned to my spot.

I handed the bottle down to Emily, “You’re turn.” I smiled.

She smiled taking it. From there the game really took off with some strange matches. It ended at
Frank and Gerard, Mikey and I, Emily and Bob, Ash and Melody, and Ray and April. It was an interesting night for all of us. We then decided to watch a horror movie to end the night.

We were watching The Crazies.

I sat snuggled into Frank’s arm watching the film. This was my first time seeing it yet I wasn’t scared like everyone else. I didn't even scream once. I mean I love the suspense but it didn't scare me. I watched the man on the screen stab a pitch fork right through a woman strapped to a bed. I laughed a bit as everyone gave me strange looks. I shrugged holding back my laughter.