Thank You for the Venum 20

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Thank You for the Venum 20

ok so FINALLY after 4 days i got this chapter finished! its alittle short but i like it ;D

*Rebecca’s P.O.V*

I dragged April to the back since we really had to learn some more songs. Currently we were trying to play The Ghost of You. I could imagine myself in Bob’s place on the stage. It was weird none of us were dating someone with the same part. I was a drummer dating a rhythm guitarist; Melody was a lead guitarist dating a lead singer, Ash was a lead singer dating a bassist, and April was a bassist dating a drummer.

Ray’s all alone though. I'm sure he’ll find a girl at one point or another. I almost missed my part in the song because I was thinking but I kept going. I tried to match Bob’s expression in the video. He looked like he was trying to look sad but looked bored instead.

I was grabbed from behind in the middle of my thought process, “GOT YOU!” I was pulled to the ground.

I screamed laughing as I found out I was on top of Kyle, “Why did you do that?”

He smiled, “Surprise!”

I looked at him confused, “Surprise what?”

“Nothing…. Just surprise!” He looked at me a little sad, “Can we wrestle?”

“A girl… wrestle?” Gerard said grinning from the doorway.

I looked to Kyle determined, “You’re on!” Then at that point we started rolling on the floor everywhere. We were flying punches, kicking, laughing, and just goofing off.

I pinned him to the floor, “Now what are you gonna do?” I grinned.

He grinned back then rolled over causing us to be in the opposite directions, “I just turned your world UPSIDE DOWN!” He made a weird voice during that last part.

I laughed then pushed him off. He hit the wall then lunged back at me as we tumbled around. I rolled into the drum set, “Ow!”

“You okay?” Kyle asked worried.

I looked at him a little sad, “I think so…” I stared at him for a second then tackled him again.

He laughed, “You asshole actress!”

“I'm a good at acting, learn when I'm faking.” I said punching him. We rolled on the floor for a little longer before I got dizzy. I stood up trying to get myself back together. I was tackled from behind causing me to fall down. Hard.

“Got you again!” Kyle grinned.

I held in a scream of pain from the impact, “I'm done, you win.” I got up and collapsed on the couch.

“You’re still a good wrestler.” Kyle kissed my cheek, “You okay babe?”

I smiled, “Yeah I'm fine, just tired. I’ma fatty!” I laughed patting my stomach.

“You’re not fat!”

“Yeah I know but I'm SUPER outta shape.”

He grinned, “And so am I. What a pair we are aren’t we?”

I laughed, “We sure are!”

I went to go say something else but when I turned my head my lips met with another. I closed my eyes fiddling with his tongue. Right there, fireworks.