Real Life (a pokemon story) chapter 2

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Real Life (a pokemon story) chapter 2

woot woot! i wrote like five chapters last night i was so excited about posting it. btw- this has no mcr in it, jsut a little but its not about it at all (maybe.... im considering changing it)

*Kim’s P.O.V*

I kept walking meeting only one wild Pokémon so far. It was just a Starly, but a powerful one. I walked with the small Starly, now named Claw, on my shoulder. I hummed some pop song I heard on the radio. I put my foot forward but the ground under it collapsed. I fell down into some cave or a hole or whatever. I heard a thump behind me that was probably Bailey jumping in after me.

Luna and Claw came to my side as Bailey roared loudly to see if anything was here. I looked up to see a small light, a fire perhaps, shining in the dark. A loud roar came after Bailey’s and it did not belong to her. A large orange Pokémon stepped out of the dark to show itself.

Fuck, a charizard and huge one. Claw flew out of the cave to do who knows what. Luna’s blue rings started to glow which I knew meant she was scared and she knew we were in trouble. Bailey charged at the charizard. I smiled knowing my Pokémon knew what to do.

The charizard took one fist and punched Bailey square in the face sending her flying. Fuck! I started to back away a little. Luna then charged at the charizard. I hoped for the best as Luna launched her white teeth at the huge fire monster. No luck. This means I’m out of luck.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I whispered looking for my pokeballs. Damn it! All my Pokémon from the Kanto region are in the PC!

I looked forward, frozen in place. The charizard was charging straight for me. I closed my eyes bracing myself for the large orange Pokémon to collide into me. Nothing happened? I heard a shrill Pokémon cry then opened my eyes. A small blue Pokémon with a long black tail with a yellow star at the end was biting right down at the charizard’s head.

I opened my pokedex, “Shinx, the flash Pokémon. All of Shinx’s fur dazzles if danger is sensed. It flees while the foe is momentarily blinded.”

I looked at the Shinx, its fur was defiantly dazzling but why wasn’t it running away? The charizard was brutally defeated by the small Pokémon and ran off into the dark. Claw then came flying back to my shoulder.

I looked at him, “And NOW you come?” Claw made a little Pokémon type giggle. I rolled my eyes as the little Shinx approached me. I sat on the ground then pet its head, “Thanks a lot.”

The Shinx nudged a pokeball on my waist. I pointed to it, “You wanna be MY Pokémon?”

The Shinx nodded yes giving a low cry. I shrugged and took a pokeball expanding it to full size. I tossed the ball lightly as its red beam surrounded the small Pokémon. After a few seconds I had caught it. I smiled taking the pokeball. I put the pokeball on my belt then returned Claw to his own putting it on my belt.

I ran over to Bailey taking out a potion. I sprayed it and Bailey got up quick looking around for the charizard. I laughed patting her, “The charizard is gone thanks to Shinx. I think I’ll name her Shixi.”

Bailey made a pouting face then shrugged. I went to Luna and repeated what I had done. I turned around where I heard a thud. There was a man in a brown trench coat. He ran at me as I was sure what not to do. I blinked and he was gone. There was a bang on my head and everything went black…

*Looker’s P.O.V*

I sighed. I didn't like to knock out that girl. I dropped the rock I had as the Feraligatr stood angry along with an Umbreon. I took two pokeballs from the girl’s belt and put them back. I took my Dragonite out of its pokeball.

“Carry her.” I said bluntly motioning to Kimberly.

She must know something about the opposite if she has a shirt I've seen once or twice. My Chemical Romance is a decent band for those people. I walked through the cave till I was met with the purple vortex that led to the other side.
should i make this an mcr/pokemon story? tell me in the comments!