Party Poison Traffic Report 43 (trilogy!)

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Party Poison Traffic Report 43 (trilogy!)

so i got myself together again! (woot woot!) if i get three comments i will post abother chapter. no, dont comment four times. oh yeah, im now okay with what i wrote in the last chapter so think what you want, this is short but its for the next chapter

*Satellite Bullet’s P.O.V*

I smiled to Fun Ghoul, “So what did Party and Bee say?”

“Well…” He started, “They said yes! You think we can get Melody… uh I mean Grenade Doll to play guitar?”

I laughed a little, “Still thinking about the past are we now?” He nodded his head smiling like an idiot. I rolled my eyes then got up to ask Grenade. I walked into her and Party’s room where the two were sitting on the bed giggling about something.

“Grenade!” I said in a sing song voice. She looked up at me. “Get a guitar you’re playing a song.”

She looked at me confused, “What do you mean? I’ve never played guitar.”

I laughed to myself, “Yes you have. We went on tour. Let’s go.” She shrugged and followed me with a confused Party behind her. We got to the garage where everyone was. I guess Ghoul told them.

Grenade willingly grabbed a white guitar that said BELLA up the side. I giggled at the fact that belonged to Ghoul but he was playing with the one he named PANSEY. Ghoul started to play the opening riff to I'm Not Okay as Party, Bee, and Grenade followed.

Desert Sage whispered to me, “This is so cool!”

I laughed, “Being on stage with them is even better.” She laughed a little as we listened to Party sing the unforgettable words.

*Fun Ghoul’s P.O.V*

I watched Satellite talking with Desert Sage probably talking about concerts and stuff. I thought about all the others watching. Jrto, Toxic Rainbow, Grenade Doll, Desert Sage, Broken Bad, and Satellite Bullet were all MCR fans. I watched as my kids and Party’s kids danced around. I knew just the thing to get Grenade and Satellite freak out.

I walked up next to Party as he finished up the line. I smiled, “Trust me.” I kissed Party’s cheek like I had done in the video. I heard squeals of delight and giggles all around. I laughed to myself knowing I just did that. I could hear Satellite singing the backup vocals, surprise, surprise.

When we finished Party burst into laughter, “My god I can’t believe you did that!” He said to me.

I grinned, “What? I was reenacting it for the good people.” Okay, that was cheesy I have to admit. Maybe I did still have feelings for Party, oh well, who knows.

Satellite bouncily walked over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck, “Oh my god Kyle I love you so much.” She pretty much shouted over whelmed with joy. I laughed and kissed her lips.

Party pushed us apart, “Kyle?! That means…” He looked at us both confused then his face lit up in realization, “Fuck you’re Venum!”

Everyone was instantly surprised and started talking. Bee walked up to us. He put his arms around Satellite’s and I shoulders, “Well the two love birds meet again.” He winked. “If only April was here to see this happy sight.” He sighed sadly.

Grenade jumped onto Party’s back but he caught her. She laughed, “Hey Sassy. Long time no see.” She meant memory wise of course.

Everything at that moment seemed so perfect. At least it was for a second or two.