Party Poison Traffic Report 38 (three-quel is a stupid word- it a trilogy)

this wont make much sense unless you read this (i think Wolf Venom was the only one who saw it)

*Satellite Bullet’s P.O.V*

I walked out not wanting Fun Ghoul to follow me. I looked behind me to make sure. He wasn’t following me but everyone was staring at me. At that point I stopped and stared back for a minute. I then ran out not wanting to deal with anyone.

I ran out into the desert about twenty yards in back of the diner. I stopped in front of the two graves and fell to my knees. I sat looking at the place where Jet Star and Kobra Kid were buried. I picked up Jet Star’s arm band that was covered in sand. I wiped sand off and held it close.

I cried softly until I felt a hand on me. I tried to stop but I froze up. “I miss them to.” It was Party Poison.

I almost jumped back but pretty much crawled, “Get away from me!” I said scared.

“No, no! Listen, I'm sorry okay? You know I get mad easy.” He looked at me sad. I knew he wasn’t faking.

I hugged him, “its okay.” I smiled then mumbled to myself, “I just wish I hadn’t wasted those pills on stupid experiments...”

Party Poison looked at me confused, “Um… excuse me?!”

“When I found Broken Bad I had an idea about the BLi pills, used what he had left, and now Fun Ghoul is alive. I was curious and used the last of them to try stuff out. I'm so stupid for not using them on Kobra Kid and Jet Star…” I felt so guilty.

“You’re not stupid! Remember all those great plans you came up with? Everyone has their stupid moments but you’re smart. Didn’t you just see me act like a total dumbass?” He was trying to make me feel better.

I tried smiling to make him feel better about this, “True, I just want to get some more of those pills to get Jet and Kobra back…” I looked at the arm band in my hand.

“Wanna go back inside?” Party asked me worried.

I looked out into the desert before answering, “Yeah let’s go.” We got up and walked back to the diner. I hugged him before we entered the diner, “Thanks a lot…. Gerard.”

He laughed, “Oh god thanks for that! I almost forgot my own name!”

I laughed, “Well we better tell Fun Ghoul we're okay or he’ll yell at you even more.”

Party smiled, “Yeah he would probably kill me.” He took a deep breath and opened the door. We both walked to the back where Fun Ghoul was sitting on the bed.

“Fun Ghoul…” I said almost scared.

He jumped up and hugged me, “Are you okay?!”

I pushed him away, “Yeah I'm fine. Party Poison and I made up so don’t worry so much.”

He frowned slightly, “Oh um okay that’s good.”

I kissed him, “Can we go blow shit up? I need to let off some steam.” He smiled and led me outside.

“Hunting dracs, come if you wanna.” Fun Ghoul said as he walked out the door. Turns out everyone came with us. We drove listening to the radio.

Grenade Doll was standing up in the back seat looking for dracs through the sun roof. She sat back down annoyed, “Usually dracs are all over here!”

“Maybe we need to get closer to Battery City.” Desert Sage suggested.

“I think you’re right…” Party Poison said speeding up the Trans-America. By the time we entered zone 4 we had finally found some dracs. “Yes!” Party said excited. He pulled the Trans-America over to fight the dracs.

We went old fashioned with this fight since Drew was here. We stood in a line across from each other ready to fight. I aimed my gun about to shoot. For some reason the fight started in hand to hand combat. I was fighting with a drac when I saw Party Poison standing doing nothing.

Was he zoned out?