an mcr joke plus a concert picture i took on that unforgettable night in november

i made an mcr joke in my computers class today.

well the internet was down so we couldnt research (no youtube=no goofing off listening to mcr) so we were talking about other stuffs. my teacher says "have you heard the news this morning?" and what couls i say but "that you're dead?!" i smiled big and laughed while everyone was like 'what the fuck?!'

i told my mcr loving friends later at lunch and they laughed. i wish they were in my class so they could've laughed with me so i didnt look so stupid. oh well!! it was just one of those "oh-my-god-that-was-so-fucking-awesome-how-did-i-come-up-with-that-so-fast" moments.

so for rrreading this pointless little blog i reward you with a picture!