*insert title that has to do with a shitty day here*

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*insert title that has to do with a shitty day here*

first- this is really long so click to read more. i've always thought nothing was wrong with Friday the 13th since i have bad luck on a daily basis. today went shittier than normal. i never thought friday the 13th could bring me such a bad day -_-

heres how it went. so the beginning of my day is normal right? so when i get to math everything is normal as usual and we're working on a worksheet when this guy comes up to me. he asks "are you dating *insert my girlfriends name here*? its just a rumor though..." i know who had spread it though. i didnt know what to say. we agreed to keep it on the down low. i had no idea what i was saying when i said, "yeah! you gotta problem with that?!" he said no then walked away. later i was also asked, "are you reaaly dating her?!" "are you a lesbian?!" "how are you NOT a lesbian?" "have you kissed?" "do you have a boyfriend?!" i was asked that last one to piss me off

then there was a super awkward moment. lets call this girl 'J'
J: uh hey rebecca..... how you doing?
me: *confused* uh... fine...???
J: *outta nowhere* do you cut?!
me: O.O *shocked*
J: its okay i do to
me: *relieved* h okay then yeah i do

then the rest of class pretty much everyone knew i cut and i have a girlfriend. great! now my class thinks im an emo lesbian!! i even tol this one guy i was bi and then my friend tells me that 8th period he tells everyone im a lesbian!!!

then i was really sorry for telling people we are dating so i told my girlfriend. she said: "you know what?! I DONT CARE!" then she kissed me really pasionatley *giggle!* and shes ranting on about something and im smiling super huge and my two friends who are there are laughing at my huge smile. then on the bus i got depressed because of that guy. i was pretty much tellnig my life story to my ex who now knows me ALOT better.

then i get home where (of course) i do better on my report card than my sis andmy mom tells my sis shes proud of her and shes disappointed in me. then i ran to my room and cried and yelled at a stuffed animal. -_- my mom HATES me. no joke.

but in a way, this day has been like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders. do i really need to hide anymore?