harry potter, twilight, mcr, gd, lotms, wttbp, and other shit

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harry potter, twilight, mcr, gd, lotms, wttbp, and other shit

so my laptop is fixed and nothing got deleted on it :) so i'll sum up what has happened to me and some one tell me what i have missed on here please?

EPIC NEWS FIRST!!!! so today i taught myself the beginning of Welcome to the Black Parade on my grandma's electric organ :D yes organ. she has no piano but i did it!!!

so i saw a midnight premire of harry potter and i cried, cheered, clapped, and laughed. while at that premire i saw a dude dressed as the golden snitch, rom from avmp, 2 voldemorts, and 1 black dumbledoor. yes you read that right. black dumbledoor. me, light demon, and my friend all went in costume :D

while at that movie i saw a dude in a mcr shirt, said hi, he ignored me :( but i saw a girl in a green day shirt i said "yeah green day!!!" and she gave me a hi five :D

your probably wonderinga bout the twilight thing. okay so there was a preview for it and everyone was quiet, no comments really. so me and light demon were boo-ing and then bella got preggo in the movie so when it showed her looking at her stomach i shouted "HA HA YOU GOT KNOCKED UP!!!" no one laughed except me and demon :/

my mom was epic and gave me her copy of Life on the Murder Scene so i am a happy killjoy :D

so a little update, 19 days till the mcr concert, 20 till my 13th birthday!!