Nostradamus Cracks A Joke.. Excerpt from Nostradamus The Good News. by Mario Reading

Date: 1557... Quatrain: 6/100

Legis Cantio Contra Ineptos Criticos

Quos legent hosce versus mature censunto,
Profanum vulgus, et inscium ne attrestato
Omnesq: Astrologi Blenni, Barbari procul sunto
Qui alter facit, is rite, sacer esto.

****** ******

Herewith An Incantatory Edict Against Inept Critics
Pay attention, readers of these verses
And may the profane and ignorant rabble not feel giddy
Idiot astrologers and barbarians too may stay away
And those who won't, go stuff yourselves..

****** ******
Summary: Nostradamus makes fun of his future critics, and warns his readers to take what such people say with an anticipatory pinch of salt...

Thought it would go well... given the 'current vibes' ... lol

A funny yet interesting website below, found whilst searching for pic of my book...
Immerse yourself in... (An don't try to be a Nostradamus... lol)

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