I feel needed again!!

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I feel needed again!!

My Daughter {in photo} on a holiday in Melbourne last year... Must be feeling useful! {as have spent the last few days Really starting to sort out some of my crap/stuff in my apartment ~ gone is share accom so parsae} Momma again, to help sort out some problems for her to move away from her dad and step mom mid last year. Now I've succeeded in getting her all the way to New South Wales!! Feeling SO good, and her boyfriends Mom sounds pretty cool as they live there, and is helping her to settle in ~ getting Vee Vee settled in to her new University and all...

So GLAD she's moved from Northern Territory!! Am getting along ok on the Sunshine Coast, found a sort of groovy largish Studio apartment ~ really close to shops and beach etc etc... New hip in a couple of years ugggghhhh!! Now on a better payment tho, should have done it a few years ago... HATE anti inflammatories, so I take the pain!! Dumb perhaps...

On happy street again, Vee Vee has someone cool in her life, {and his Mom} and now out from of 'Up North' ~ Crap moved to Darwin when she was 9 Months old, then to Cairns... then moved to Cairns, left her Dad in 1995 and nothing for my career up there, the schools were not what I had envisioned for her.... {tho never told her...} So voi la!! She was born in North Sydney, now residing back there ~ North Coast ~ YA~HOOOO!!!!

Love from Sasha

ps: my little notes for the future.... thrown 'haphazardly' into Chem Rom's cyberspace... better than diaries, all these 'webnote~keepers' lol..