Stolen and Re-stolen

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Stolen and Re-stolen

So I saw everyone else doing this, and I figured it would e a good way for you guys to be able to get to know me if you wanted to, so I stole this from somebody who stole it from somebody.

001. Real Name: Elise
002. Nickname(s): Elisey, Elise K., E-Goo(my sister is obnoxious), Sneaker Queen(it's a long story...)
003. Male Or Female: female
004. Elementary: Done
005. Middle school: In 8h grade
006. High School: Nope
007. Hair Color: Between blonde and dirty blond with lots of highlights
008. Long Or Short: Medium
009. Loud Or Quiet: Obnoxiously loud with my friends when I'm in a good mood, quiet when I'm not
010. Sweats Or Jeans: Jeans
011. Phone Or Camera: Phone - my camera sucks :P
012. Health Freak: Nah
013. Drink Or Smoke?: Well I drink water... But other than that no
014. Do You Have A Crush On Someone?: Nah I currently hate prety much everyone I know
015. Eat Or Drink?: Both please?
016. Piercings?; Obe on each ear
017. Tattoos?: None

018. An Airplane: Yeah
019. A Car Accident: Yeah but it wasn't like a serious car crash kind of accident
020. A Fist Fight: Nope

021. First Piercing: One on each ear in third grade
022. First Best Friend: Katie who is one of the like only five people I actually and friends with
023. First Award: I got a medal for being accepted into project challenge Aka the gifted and talented program
024. First Crush: A guy...
025. First Big Vacation: A trip to Maine when I was little

026. Last Person You Talked To: My mom
027. Last Person You Texted: My friend Kristen, or as I like to call her, Karen
028. Last Person You Watched A Movie With: My cousins. We watched UHF with "Weird Al" Yankovic and it's the best movie ever
029. Last Food You Ate: Crackers
030. Last Movie You Watched: UHF with "Weird Al" Yankovic- it's from 1989
031. Last Song You listened To: Zero Percent - it really should have made danger days
032. Last Thing You Bought: Some colorful pens 
033. Last Person You Hugged: My mom

034. Food: I have no clue
035. Drink: Ginger Ale, Dr. Pepper, most kinds of tea
036. Clothing: Skinny jeans, t shirt, converse
037. Book: The Graveyard Book
038. Music: Alternative/Punk
039. Flower: I'm not really sure
040. Colors: I like every color, but only specific shades
041. Movies: UHF, Tropic Thunder, Up
042. Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylors
043. Subject: Math(currently taking geometry), future problem solving(for gifted and talented), and Spanish

044. [] Kissed In The Snow
045. [*] Celebrated Halloween
046. [] Had Your Heart Broken
047. [] Went Over The Minutes On Your Cell Phone
048. [] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation
049. [] Came Outta The Closet
050. [] Gotten Pregnant
051. [] Had An Abortion
052. [*] Done Something You've Regretted
053. [*] Broke A Promise
054. [*] Kept A Secret
055. [*] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life
056. [*] Pretended To Be Sick
057. [] Left The Country
058. [] Tried Something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it.
059. [*] Cried Over The Silliest Thing
060. [*] Ran A Mile
061. [*] Went To The Beach
062. [*] Stayed Single

063. Eating: Nothing
064. Drinking: Water
065. Getting Ready To: Sleep - my parents think I'm asleep now but I'm obviously not
066. Listening To: The Sharpest Lives
067. Plans For Tomorrow/Today: Sleep, go to school, do homework, go back to sleep
068. Waiting For: Conventional Weapons, Transit of Venus, the weekend, to find out if my friends are actually going to the same high school as me or not

069. Want Kids?: Eventually I think
070. Want To Get Married?: Yeah
071. Careers in mind: I really want to be an architect, but I'm only 13

071. Lips Or Eyes?: Eyes
072. Shorter Or Taller?: Taller
073. Romantic Or Spontaneous: Some of both
074. Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms: Stomach
075. Sensitive Or Loud: Both
076. Hookup Or Relationship: Relationship
077. Troublemaker Or Hesitant: Troublemaker

078. Lost Glasses/Contacts: No I don't wear them
079. Ran Away From Home: No. I've thought about it, then told myself it would be stupid because my iPod would run out of power and I wouldn't be able to charge it lol
080. Held A Weapon, For Self Defense: Yeah I thought someone broke into the house when I was alone so I took a kitchen knife and locked myself in the bathroom
081. Killed Somebody: In real life, no, in my mind, multiple times
082. Broken Someone's Heart: I don't think so
083. Been Arrested: No

084. Yourself: Meh it depends
085. Miracles: I'm not really sure
086. Love At First Sight: No
087. Santa Claus: No way

088. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now?: Sortof
089. Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life?: Well at the moment, I guess I've accomplished a lot for a 13 year old so yeah I guess at the moment I am

Well, that's it. U really haven't posted anything other than one thing about the new era, so I plan on posting stiff here more often. I hope I can get to know you guys more and you can get to know me beacause the MCRmy is one big happy messed up family that, in some cases, is better than most people's real families. I've been through a lot of things emotionally and mentally that I know other members of the MCRmy have, and I know that we all try our best to help others and stop them from doing things they'll regret.
Like I said, the MCRmy is one big, messy, wacked-up, happy family that will adopt anyone and give anyone the help they need.
So, I'll talk to you guys some time soon.

Yours in cheese sauce,