Three Days Ago

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Three Days Ago

who among you guys are in a band?
Maybe those who are in will know how i felt last three days ago.
And of course even you are not in a band, you will understand my feelings.

Alright, three days ago, was our first day of class (June13).
And as usual, professors are not yet active for those days, so my band hit the studio instead of worrying if there are any professors who will attend the class, because we know for sure that they will not.
Summer passed and I we haven't seen each other for two months, and if you could only see us when we are together again.
We played all the songs that we already completed.

By the way, the band's name is "Ystarre Decesiz." It's pronounciation is Is-ta-rre Di-se-siz.
It originated from Stare Decesiz, which is a legal term, we chose it for we are all from same course. We are all taking up Bachelor of Arts, Major in Political Science.
The band composed of five boys, I am the vocalist, the co-founder is Carlo who is doing the drums, while we took our three friends ti fill out the remaining ranks.
For more info, here's our facebook page for those who are also using facebook:

So the band logo that you are seeing was also made by our fellow MCRmy, Sukriti Sacher, I forgot her MCRmy name, but she is super cool, swear.

So thanks for all the bands who inspired us to be in a band. Especially My Chemical Romance.