Blame My Lil Sister (The Offensive Shirts)

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Blame My Lil Sister (The Offensive Shirts)

well i just had a great time with my family in mall yesterday (now is 3am of Friday here in my place)
and me and my lil sister saw these offensive shirts in the department store
she told me to take some photos of these shirts
but suddenly one mall crew told me that it is prohibited
so i told that i guy that i'll just gonna delete the photos
it is embarassing but, it's alryt 'coz i'm having fun with my lil sis.
actually the moment that i'll take a photo on the 3rd shirt that is the time when the crew show up.

so the first shirt was NEW YORK, CUBAO
this one is funny in the other way, 'coz we all know that New York is an excellent place
but here in Philippines we have this place called NEW YORK, CUBAO, that is just a small place
while the second photo there's a SCREW before the word YOU, so meaning this shirt wanna say
offensive right?

what's happening killjoys?