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Well so far i need MAJOR KILLJOY HELP!!!!
Wednesday October 26, 2011 | Posted by: RedChemicalExplosion

im going as a killjoy for the my school's fright fest!!
I would post a picture of my killjoy but my phone wont send any pics; the cam
on the computer doesnt work so yea...........USE YOUR KILLJOY IMAGINATION! lol
And....NO PROPS at the fright fest at school that sucks its not like im ganna
shot anybody with my ray gun....(maybe a BL/ind spy) i dout that lol
my school sucks........

Ok so this is my killjoy:

NAME=Red Chemical Explosion Screams
OUTFIT=red /black shirt with black skinny jeans

BANDANNA = I DO NOT KNOW! i need your help!! please!!

COLORS=Red black and gray (maybe gray) and more..........
RAY GUN COLOR=red and black (no props at the fright fest at school that sucks)bandanas
I also have a rifle starped to my back (lol) and the strap goes in front
of my chest too and i have grenades and riflebullets (lol)
SHOES= I have to wear my converse (ugh!) i wanted combat boots but parents said NO

MAKE UP= Ok so i need help on that im choosing between franks X's or gerards eyes
or something on my own (hmmmmmmmmm)

MY MASK= Is going to be black and im going to decorate that and if a dont find
a mask im doing MAKE UP

ME= My killjoy changes colors every year i found My Chemical Romance this year so
this year its red (lol) Sometimes my killjoy changes color on the setting or how i feel
like when it rains my killjoy joy color changes to yellow (lol)
(Here in Calumet City Iillinios its cloudy so its yellow) i love the rain!!.....

The bandana well im thinking of buying a gray one and doing a SMILE with an X on it or
just a SMILE or a FROWN........The smile or frown will be RED or BLACK the DOTS or STRIPES
will be red or black so............HELP ME KILLJOYS!!!

Ok did i miss anything?? COMMENT!!!! What do you thiink??!!! OR SEND ME A MESSAGE!!!!!!

Be strong:

Yellow Chemical Explosion Screams (its cloudy and raining) lol