Homeward Bound

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Homeward Bound

On a flight home from Helsinki, so close to LA. It's been an incredible 2 month journey, starting on one side of the world, and ending in another.

I will say this...never before has My Chem had so much fun playing shows, meeting you outside when we can, and at meet and greets. From city to city, we noticed a love of life, an exuberance and maturity in you all that wasn't their 4 years ago. Maybe not for us either.

Your letters, drawings, art pieces, and everything in between kept the mood up. All of you are so creative and we love to see you express yourselves in that way. Positivity begets positivity.

We've also been collecting flags, which I thought would make a great backdrop once all sewn together. I think we got one in most every country we hit, so US, it's your turn to bring out the state flags all "Killjoys" like.

It's crazy to think we started this run in Japan, and 2 months later it is a changed place. You all know we have a special love and respect for Japan. Our hearts go out to all affected by the tragedy. We know that Japan will pick itself up as it has done in the past.

We have some news to announce shortly about a plan to help raise funds for the recovery. Just our small way of trying to help. You all should know too that the idea was inspired by you fans, so keep watching and we'll give you news soon!