Hey you guys!!!

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Hey you guys!!!

Went to see The Goonies tonight with Mikey & Frank. There's nothing like reliving your childhood when you're 32 years old. Last week, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and now this. What's even better is rediscovering the movie, and realizing how batshit insane some of the scenes in this movie really are.

In a PG movie, Mouth tells his Spanish maid that the top drawer is where we hide the marijuana, the middle is where the coke and speed are, and always, ALWAYS seperate the drugs. There's been 10 "shits" spoken by minors, a drug-dealing mafia, and a knife held to a 13 year old's throat.
And that's just in the first hour. Raiders had some similar scenes, none better than when God's fury is unleashed from the Ark, collapsing bones, melting faces, and exploding heads.

There's also a sense when watching this that every actor in this movie just gave it. They're not really acting, they're just being kids. Shit talking and razzing each other, but always there when you need them. Goonies Never Say Die!

Another thing to keep an eye on is how natural everything feels, and I think that's due to extended takes. Notice that when there are edits in most scenes, its cutting back to the same take, so everything flows really well. The editing and direction here are very tight. Also every stunt is real. No CG, and it shows. Today, the water slide scene would have been a travesty of poor looking CG. Back then, what did they do? Threw the kids down the slide because it looked fun as hell!

Finally, a kick ass theme song. Yes Cyndi Lauper, the Goonies ARE good enough for me...

Good times tonight, good times. When do we watch Jaws?