Life ... What A Confusing Thing :L

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Life ... What A Confusing Thing :L

So i'm flicking through a dictionary trying to find the meaning of a word. Looking up in the corner to see what letter I'm at. And words like:

Inferior, suicide, defeat, cancer, death, endless, inadequate, indoctrinate, opress, crawl, noboy, murder, monster and indoctrinate jumped out. Some big, powerful words for a dictionary that doesn't even have the word peanut in it -.-

The other day i put my ipod on shuffle and it played songs like:

This Is How I Disappear, Cancer, Sick, I'm So Sick, The World Is Ugly, Famous Last Words, Smother Me, Hospital, The Ripper, Liar Liar, Paralyzed, Still Ill, Jack The Ripper and Girlfriend In A Coma.

The world is trying to tell me something. I just don't know what ....