The Only Hope For Me Is You (Part 3)

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The Only Hope For Me Is You (Part 3)

I was walking down a dark street, the street lights were really dim. I put in my headphones and started listening to DEAD! It was my favourite song, the lyrics made me laugh. I saw these two boys looking at me I turned up the volume on my i-pod and ignored them. One of them grabbed my arm I didn't see their faces as they were wearing hoods. The other guy ripped out my ear phone “My friend asked you a question” he said. “Please let me go” I screamed. The guy who grabbed hold of me threw me up against the wall and licked my face, I screamed and tried to loosen his grip. He pulled on my hair and threw me in the back of a black van, I screamed out for help but one of the guys shoved a dirty cloth in my mouth and tied my hands behind my back. The taller guy crawled on top of me. I screamed as loud as I could. “What's wrong?” I looked around. My forehead was dripping with sweat. I looked up at Gerard, he looked just as frightened as me. “It's nothing, it was just a nightmare.” I said. “Don't scare me like that” he said throwing his head back on the pillow. I dunno what was wrong with me I've never had a nightmare before, well never one like that anyway. I saw Gerard get out of bed, wearing a black tank top and black underwear. WOW! I liked what I was seeing. “Wanna tea or coffee?” he asked me. “No thanks” I said. “What time is it?” I asked him. He looked over at his watch. “ten past two in the morning” he said yawning. He sat down next to me, “Now, tell me about this dream of yours.” he sounded interested to no what it was. I told him it was a big monster trying to eat me. He laughed. “No, seriously. Come on tell me” so I did. I told him what I dreamt. He look scared. “Oh, I see” he said. He got up and saw everyone sleeping then he turned back to me. “You haven't heard anyone come trough that door have you.” he whispered trying not to wake the others. I'm surprised my scream didn't wake them. I shook my head in answer to his question. “Why?” I asked. “'Cause Mikey isn't back yet.” Gerard got his coat ready to go look for him. “You got everything?” I asked smiling. “Yup.” he said closing the door, 5 seconds later he came back in. “Forgot something?” I asked trying not to laugh. He came back out the room putting on his trousers. “Very funny” he said leaving once again. “Won't be long” I heard his voice fade in the distance.

I got my phone out and rang Mikey's number. I heard that ennoying voice on the other end of the phone “This person's phone is switched off, please try again later or send a text”. I hated it when I got that message. Where would he be? I walked back to the bus, hoping he would be there when I got back. I walked back in through the door. “Has Mikey come home yet?” I asked. Lilianna shook her head. I started to get really worried, this wasn't like him. He'd never go off on his own. I looked at my watch it was now half past two. I tried to ring him again but I got the same message again. “Maybe his battery died and he hasn't noticed.” I no Lilianna was trying to make me feel better but it wasn't working. “I'm sure he'll be home soon.” she said. “I hope your right.” I mumbled. I couldn't get back to sleep. I didn't want to go back to sleep. I looked over at Lilianna. Okay I admit she was beautiful, but I didn't no anything about her. I walked up to her and sat down. “So... tell me about yourself” I said. “What?” she asked. “Well you no, what bands you like, films, books you no just basic stuff so we can get to no each other a little better.” she smiled, showing me a beautiful white smile.

“Hello. Gee. Hello wake up.” I felt Ray shacking me to wake up. Oh god, I fell asleep? That's never happened before. “Is Mikey home yet?” I asked. “Well, no that's why I...” I shot up giving Ray no chance to finish his sentence. I pulled the covers off me and ran towards the door. I was just about to leave until I heard Ray shout “We got a call though”. I closed the door and looked at him. “What's happened to him?”

I ran into the bathroom and locked myself in. “Gerard everything is going to fine. I promise.” “You don't no that Ray.” I couldn't believe what had happened. Ray continued to bang on the door telling me to get out. I wasn't leaving, out of all of the days this could have happened it had to be today. “There's something else I think you should no too... that girl Lilianna, yeah... she wasn't here either when I woke up” I opened the door “What?” I asked. “Well see for yourself.” I looked, she was gone, and so was all her stuff too. “Where's Frank?” I said. “Oh yeah he went out to look for them... oh here he is now, any luck Frank?” I came out of the bathroom Frank was shacking his head. "I'm sorry" he said. I stepped back and locked myself in the bathroom again.