5 Weird Facts That Make Me Special ^.^

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5 Weird Facts That Make Me Special ^.^

Meh I got board and decided to do this, these are the weird things that make me special XD

1. I pick my lips... a lot, mainly when I'm board and nervous but they do dry up easily and I get the urge to pick them... not a nice habbit

2. As Freud will put it I'm stuck in the oral stage (meaning I am fixated with my mouth) this is pretty self explanitary, it means I like to put things in my mouth (I am constantly ruining my pens because I keep on biting the lids and the bottom of the pens)

3. I have a slight thing where I like to dip my fingers into hot melted wax (don't ask, I dunno why either)

(This one is slightly embarrassing) 4. I'm into BDSM (mostly the recieving end of it) I'm a bit of a masochist (my bf is a sadist so it kinda works out XD)

5. I still watch cartoons! (But then again who doesn't? Disney ISN'T for children) Seriously though, if you actually watch it now you'll see that there are certain words, pharses and scenes that young children shouldn't be exposed to O.o

Hehehe, I'm speckel XD