A.M.P. Chapter 3

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A.M.P. Chapter 3

i think this story would be better off as a tv show or a comic book but i dont have the resources for that so written chapters is all i got. just be very visual i guess, imagine it as it is a tv show is all im saying. oh well, hope you enjoy


“Mr. and Ms. Volkova, Mr. Wallace is ready to see you.” A secretary wearing cheap lipstick and tight, pointy shoes said.
We both stood up from the squeaky plastic chairs, and headed into the principle’s office.
“Aaron Volkova, you are Miss Hallie’s older brother?” Wallace asked us as we sat down in front of his desk. All these years, and principle desks hadn’t changed. The mugs filled with pencils and toy flags, the paperwork, the office supplies, and the names on those stupid little name holders.
“Yes, I am her legal guardian.” He confirmed.
“Has she told you the reason why we’re calling you in here today?” Wallace inquired. I didn’t like him. He had the eyes of a rodent.
“Something about a teacher being “extremely dull and irrational.”” He said using his fingers for quotation marks. He had that amused smile across his face once again, then again when did he not wear it?
Wallace shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “Mrs. Haldridge has filed a complaint of her being vulgar and rude, with extreme lack of respect.”
“I give my respect to those who deserve it.” I informed in a bored voice. They should know that already, that respect was not given to easily. I had forgotten that this was Earth.
“What exactly did my sister do, sir?” Aaron asked. He seemed polite, but I knew that he was laughing on the inside. Nothing gave him more amusement then these interactions.
“She, well when she was confronted with modifying some behavioral issues by Mrs. Haldridge, she bit back with inexcusable language that was extremely uncalled for.” Wallace stated.
“All I did was tell her to shove her opinions up her ass.” I said, putting my feet up against the desk. Aaron snickered. Wallace stared at my boots, clearly getting aggravated.
“Mr. Volkova, I’m getting the sense that you’re not taking this as seriously as you should. We don’t have time for this rebellious, immature attitude. We are here to teach kids, and this behavior is unacceptable.” The principle argued.
“Sir, what exactly was this teacher saying to Hallie?” Aaron asked.
“She came up to me telling me I should dress in more appropriate clothing even though I violated not a single dress code. She also said something along the lines of “It would be better if you socialized more”.” I told him, letting my annoyance show.
“Yes, that was wrong of her. But you can’t just disrespect our teachers like that.”
“What did I just say about respect?” I asked him with a glare. Wallace looked like he was completely done with this meeting as he shook his head and rubbed his temples.
“I’m assigning her detention for this Wednesday. I’m expecting you to fix your attitude by then, young lady.” He said, narrowing his rodent eyes at me.
“She will, don’t you worry.” Aaron said, giving him a grin. Wallace didn’t really know how to respond so he just nodded and waved us out.

We walked across the school’s front lawn as kids got onto school buses or got into their cars to leave.
“You know, you’re not exactly laying low. Didn’t we agree that this sort of thing wouldn’t happen?” he asked in a voice that made me want to punch his teeth out.
“I’m not a child; I know how to lay low. That was not harmful at all, kids always get sent to the principle’s office.” I argued, zipping my army jacket up. Brown and orange leaves were scattered everywhere, scuttling and scraping against the pavement by the autumn wind. They crunched under your feet in an irritating way.
“All I’m saying is that you should be more careful. You’re always cocky, that’s your weakness.” He kept prattling on.
“I don’t care. What I care about now is that stupid punishment. Entire worlds tremble in fear of me, why am I being subjected to something as ridiculous as (/detention/)?” I groaned.
“Because you decided to be a smart ass.” He retorted. I gave him a punch on the arm. He just laughed it off, his breath misting in the crisp air.
We were now off school grounds, and walking along the sidewalk. I took out a cigarette and lit it.
“By the way, I never got a ‘thank you’ for getting you those.” He said, pointing at the pack.
“You owed me anyways.” I said with a shrug.
“Let’s just hope we make it through the week without destroying this place. I hate it when that happens.” He laughed; then sighed.