Let's ask some questions, shall we? That's how we like to do it in the murder scene, right?

Who here is dead like me?
Who here is not okay?
Who here wants revenge?
How many want to raise their fits to the sky and scream for no fucking reason?
Who here is forced to die with their masks on?
For the ones who are bullied, beaten, sick and tired of all this shit. Let me tell you something. Teenagers scare the living shit out of me. That's a fact. But not all of them are bad. Like us, we're demo lovers and part of the black parade. We're like a movement, something you believe in. And whoever tellls us otherwise, then they can shut up. We're a family no matter how messed up we are. Thank you MCRmy. Just fucking take my hand and never be afraid again. We shouldn't be ashamed of anything. We're a union and nothing is going to break this army up. Bring your bullets and bring your love. We're a family and families don't leave each other behind. We're the kids from yesterday willing to fight the future. You get me, MCRmy? Do you agree?

- Radio. Active. Maniac.