the world is ugly

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the world is ugly

Falling fast.
Why can't I stop?
Why do I feel so alone?

Their eyes are all on me.
Their fingers pointing my way.
I know who I am.
Wait do I?

Seeing the girl in the corner.
Who is she?
She's sad.
She's been crying.

Blood dripping from her arm.
Is this me?
It can't be.
What did I do?
What had I done?

My mom enters the room.
All she does is watch.
Then she walks away.
Why doesn't she stop her?
What happened?

What caused this?

The music changes.
Blaring in my ears.
Why can't she see me?
Why can't she hear?

I'm not that girl anymore.
I'm not so lost anymore.
I want to live.
I want to prove them wrong.

The music gets louder
and the girl stands.
She won't look at me.
What is she looking at?

She walks toward me
as I back away she runs through me
I look at the door behind me.

There's no one there.
I look back toward the corner.
There stands a mirror.

Looking in the mirror
pulling up my sleeves
I see what she has done.

She is not me.
But what I once was
Shes not what I am now.

Turning to the door
I run and plan to follow her forever.
Why you may ask?
To make sure she never turns back.