is this the end?... no the begining

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is this the end?... no the begining

heres a story i wrote. its now exactly mcr but theres somethi8ng mcr related in each chapter.
if you like it leave a comment and ill post the next chapter. please tell me what you think :)
happy reading!


We sit at the table
As always you take out that notebook
I've tried to look in it but you pull it away
"What are you writing? You can't keep secrets!"

* POV switch

You look over at me and smile
"A letter to your mom of course!"
We laugh and you put it away
Five years of friendship with no secrets hidden

I give ben a hug and walk home
No secrets? That's what he thinks
If only he knew
I open the front door to my house

A sudden pain shoots through my left cheek
"You're late again!" The screams begin.
I run to my room but he's right behind
Grabbing my wrist and pulling me to the ground

"Where do you think you're going. Whore?!?
Is that where you were?!
Out with a boy?!?"
A boot to the ribs makes me curl up

I watch as he slowly turns away
He's drunk I can tell so I crawl to my room
Slowly close the door to be sure he doesn't hear
And go to my closet to take away my fears

Finding the blade in its hiding spot
He may have me trapped
But this he does not

I pull up my sleeves
And look at my scars
How could ben ever know
I would go that far?

Press the blade to my skin
Allow it to sink in
I make one quick clean cut
And watch the blood pour

This is the part where I become scared
There's no pain left
But do I have something to fear?
I make more cuts, watch the blood flow... wait who's at the door?

I wrap up my wrist
And fall to the hard floor
Everything spins and the light goes dim
But at my door there is a tall Ben

"What do you think you're doing?"
My eyes grow wide
With those words
I wait to be smacked as he comes toward me

"Oh... please no... just make it go
Make him go away. He won't leave."
Ben takes my wrist and wraps it
He takes the razor and throws it aside

"I won't lose you
You can't give up... don't give in
You love me right?"

My words are gone
I nod and slump into his lap
He strokes my hair
And whispers in my ear...

"I know she's dead...
But even when she's dead and gone
Her memory will carry on.
Just keep running kid."

(mind blowing picture huh?)