New Years Resolution(s) List :D

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New Years Resolution(s) List :D

Here's a list of things I wanna accomplish next year that I never bothered to do this year or I just wanna do it! :D

1.Learn How to Skateboard-- it may seem to childish to some people especially since I'm in 9th grade but I really wanna try it

2. Lose some weight!--I need to get in shape for softball!

3. Continue to practice piano and guitar--I kinda stopped when school got hard :P

5. Get a job!-- I need money for the next mcr concert I wanna go to and a PS3 for my dad :)

6. Make the Honor Society-- I applied last year but I lacked in leadership skills.hehe

7. Sing more often-- I take voice lessons but it sounds too choral, I wanna learn how to sing like Hayley Williams or something in that area

8. Community Service at the Library-- I can work around books... what could be better :)

9. Start wearing simple makeup-- a little eye liner and eye shadow can't hurt ;)

10. Draw more portraits of people--I love drawing people and I want to get better at it

11. Walk the neighborhood dogs for the elderly-- Something I've been trying to do for a while now...

12. Make more guy friends-- I made one this year and my personality just blossomed.... I crave more ^.^

13. Make cross country-- I really wanna be a runner

14. Try and befriend my old but now 'popular' friends-- I had good times with them before they became bitches

15. Get straight A's-- I'm pushing it with this one but it needs to be done

Well there they are. post some of yours too if you bothered to read this! :) Now I guess I'll go back to studying for stupid Geometry exams.....