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Frankie Murder:Teen Killjoy & The Birth Of A Shiny Gun ch.4

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Punk-Princess Luvs U's picture
on August 6, 2014 - 11:30pm

When the girl meet all of her uncle's friends she pulled out a electronic device. She told it to wake up. The device woke up and circled the girl.
" Hi I'm Frankie. This guy is named Steven. I made him"
" Master I'm glad to see you! Boy was it stuffy."
The uncle motioned everybody inside the dinner. Frankie helped herself to a strawberry soda. As she took a drink she spit it out immediately. Everyone looked at her.
" God what's wrong with this soda!"
A red haired man walked up to her. He looked at her and opened his mouth.
" The soda lost its fizz. If you want I could get you water. A juice box maybe."
30 minutes later the little girl showed Frankie were the bedroom HQ was at. There was a hallway leading to the kitchen doors on a sharp right turn but straight a head there was a hall that lead to the rooms and bathroom. There were signs on 4 of the doors to the rooms. One on the right had Party Poison with a pill symbol at the bottom, one had Fun Ghoul with a crazy face with a "x" out eye, There were two on the left that had Kobra Kid with a cobra and Jet Star with a star and a thunder symbol next to the star.
Six rooms up there was a room in the middle. This was the little girls room. It had pink walls and stuff animals and toys on the floor and a bed.
" This is my room. Motor Baby's room. You could put you cloths in this dresser. It was never used. Party Poison polished it and painted it. Hope you like white. It was the only color we had."
"Um hey kid were is the bathroom? I have to pee."
Motor Baby took Franckie by the hand and took her two rooms down and faced right.
"Thanks kid. Hey listen your a nice kid and stuff."
The door closed and Motor Baby walked back to her room. Later that night Frankie couldn't sleep. She wondered why he uncle didn't take her years ago when the analog wars were happening. Her mother would be alive and they would be safe and not be prostituting. She thought why is she still alive.
The next morning she made coffee and drank some in a black cup. It was quiet so after she gulped her coffee she got dressed and headed for the door. As she was outside she entered a garage. It had the car and two counters with tools and ray guns. Frankie took two guns and put them in her bag. As she was about to leave she tripped over a tin bucket.
" Shit! Ow."
Going some where?"
A voice said to Frankie. It was Fun Ghouls voice. He helped her up and took her bag.
" Were you going to take target practice with these things?"
He smiled at her. Frankie walked back into the dinner and sat at a table in the corner. Ghoul followed.
" So kid how was you sleep? Did you dream or puppies and rainbows?"
"What! No. I slept fine. Why?!"
Ghoul put both hands up like Frankie was holding him hostage or something. Ghoul made pancakes for breakfast. They day went on fine but Frankie kept away from everybody except Steven The Robot.