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Frankie Murder:Teen Killjoy & The Birth Of A Shiny Gun ch.3

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Punk-Princess Luvs U's picture
on August 3, 2014 - 1:00am

Years later the girl grew up in to a teen. She roamed the streets, kept to herself and had weekly customers. Yes shes a Prostitute. She followed into her mothers foot steps; she would get beat if she stepped out of line to her ponce.
Her ponce is named J.J. Steel. Steel is a tall man and has slick black hair. He usually wears a green track suite with white shoes. The girl hates Steel for not letting her go to to school and hates her life. She questions her life why she does what she does.
" Hey sweet candy get over here! I got a customer for ya! Move you bum and satisfy this customer!" Steel yells at her. She moves off the floor going to Steel.
" What. Where is he at Steel?"
She puts on a black sweeter and Steel gives her a piece of paper. It reads Motel Jet- Rm # 305 on 2nd floor. She walks out not saying a word to Steel. The girl walks to Motel Jet and goes up to room 305. As she enters the room she sees a man with a beard and a bandanna on his forehead.
" Hello there. I'm your whatever it is you people call. Okay you ready."
The man sounded happy to see her. She looked at the door and looked at the man.
" You wanna do this or not, man. I can do what ever you want me to do with you."
" Hey I'm not here to do it. I'm here to rescue you. So lets go. Time is a wastin' kiddo."
She looked concerned. She got out a ray gun and pointed it at him. She got closer to him til the gun touched his stomach.
" Hey calm down kid. You don't have to do this. I'll have to force you then."
" Hey put me down you monkey! Hey I said let GOOOOO!"
The man knocked her out with a sleeping gas that was covered with a napkin. He went out of the room and walked into the ally. He woke her within 30 minutes after leaving the motel.
" Hey what the hell man! You rape me or somethin'? You on drugs?"
The man laughed and shook his head. He gave her a bag that had her belongings in it. She asked why he wanted to rescue her and how he knew her. He said he knew her mother Sara. This man was Sara's brother.
" What I have a uncle? Mom never told me this. So your my uncle? Wow I was told mom was a only child and dad's family died in a fire."
The man picked her up and led her to a sewer.
" No one will know your gone. Hell even BL/I don't bother to put cameras down here. I should know cuz I come here every few months to get auto parts for cars and tools. So kid how old are you?"
The girl raised an eyebrow.
" I'm 16 turning 17 in a few months. Why you care any how, huh? Just because your my uncle dosn't mean I'll get buddy buddy with you or somethin'. "
" Kid you got a nasty attitude. Well your just like your momma. She was always nasty like that but she was a happy lady. You on the other hand are just plain nasty. We got a half mile left til we get to Zone 1."
The girls mouth dropped. She all ways wanted to be in the Zones but never had the guts to get out. She felt safe and calm. She didn't say anything til they get to a bus station in Zone 1.
" Hey kid you want some thing to eat. You look like you have not eattin in 2 days?"
She nodded her head yes.
" Can I have a few packets of peanuts? also a water? Thanks dude"
The man walked to a vending machine and got the peanuts and water. He also got a ray gun.
" Here kiddo. Peanuts and a water. So kid you happy you got out?"
She nodded her head yes and saw a car pull up to them. A guy with a red jacket came out. He had blondie hair and seemed like a nice guy.
" She ready? We gotta get back to the Dinner before Dracs come raid the place. Hi?"
The blondie guy took the girls stuff and threw it in the back. She looked at him with a mad face. " Hey man be careful with the big duffeal bag! It had stuff in it."
She scoffed and walked to the drivers side. When they arrived at the Dinner three other guys were outside talking.
" No worries they don't bite kiddo. Come meet my friends kid."