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Frankie Murder:Teen Killjoy & The Birth Of A Shiny Gun ch.2

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Punk-Princess Luvs U's picture
on July 31, 2014 - 11:50pm

Early the next morning Sara wakes up her little girl and tells her to put on her shoes. The girl asks why but Sara said that she would explain everything once they enter the gates that leads to the zones.
There was two purple haired Porno Droids with suite cases in there hands. One of them took the little one and covered her with a robe. It was a rainy morning and was cold too. Sara kept her gun close but hidden inside her coat. As they reached the gate there were Dracs around it.
" Miss we can not let you leave the city!" A Drac said.
" You need to be eliminated!" Sara shot one of the Dracs in the head and ran into the ally ways. The Porno Droids ran as well. The little girl cried in terror.
" Mama I'm scared. Please Mama I'm scared. Ahhhh!"
The Droid that was holding the girl got shot in the legs and fell. Sara picked the girls up and tried to pick up the Droid.
" No don't! Leave me! I'll be in the skies with my brothers and sisters and Destroya.GO NOW!"
As they went farther into to ally Sara shot a few Dracs. When they were at a metal door the other purple droid shot at a red big button to open the door. All three of them ran but Sara felt a sharp pain in her right shoulder. She screamed in pain praying to god why is this world so full of evil. The Porno Droid was getting beaten and getting shot at til it was dead.
Sara and her daughter were left. There was no place to go; Dracs were every where surrounding them.
" Please don't hurt my mama! Please ghost people!"
One of the Shot Sara but this time in the left shoulder and finally the chest. The little girl cried and ran to her mother. A drac the was behind her hit her on the butt of his gun. The Dracs ransacked the cases and kicked the belongings. They burned the clothing, a few pictures.
After the burning of the belongings they left. The girl was left knocked out being all alone with the corps of her dead mother in the desert.