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Frankie Murder:Teen Killjoy & The Birth Of A Shiny Gun ch.1

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Punk-Princess Luvs U's picture
on July 31, 2014 - 12:29am

Long ago in Battery City on a rainy day in a place called The District. A women walks around the cold streets wearing a spaghetti strap tank-top, short shorts and high-heels. She had a clear hooded poncho. She goes into a run down Hotel and enters room 225; there is a man in a white covered uniform covering from head to pants. His mask has a black circle and a rectangle at the bottom of the circle.
" I was waiting here for 30 minutes! What took you so long?" The man had a angry tone in his voice.
" Relax asshole. I had a kid to take care of. Lets get this over with."
The man Goes over to the women. She sits on the bed taking off her heels then the shorts. The man unbuttons his shirt and aggressively pulls the women towards him. He kisses her then starts to do other things.
The women wishes she had not got into this in the first place. Sometimes the men she gets start slow but get aggressive within an instant. She also wishes her little girl won't do this when shes full grown. The little one is 2 years old and is raised by this women. Shes a single mother and a prostitute.
The father isn't in the picture. His name was Randal and he worked in a Ray Gun Factory. The women is named Sara. She use to work as a janitor at the BL/I news building. The two were married when they both were 22.
One year later they had a beautiful baby girl. Six months later Randal stole a ray gun and was caught by a Draculod soldier. The Drac shot him in an instant. Sara got the news later that night. She struggled for a while until her friend Dixie told her about Prostituting.
Fast forward to four years later. The little girl is 6 and goes to school. This school is in a twelve room old Hospital; its run by nuns and a Priest. Kids come and go because most of the students work in factories, clean hotels, stack/box products in stores or shine shoes.
On a particular night Sara does her usual round pleasuring men but she goes to BL/I headquarters. She enters the elevator and pushes to the 60th floor. She steps out and asks for room 1233. A robot takes her to 1233. It opens the door using a multi number room card.
There is a women looking out a 4 window that's no high than 16 inches. The women smirks at Sara then walks to her.
" Hello Sara Walker. I invited you to sit and talk with me. Would you like a drink? Champagne, juice, soda, water?"
" Oh no thank you. Do I know you?"
Sara said with a smile. The women sat sown next to Sara and lean close.
" We both know there is a war going on down in the zones. Your Friend is the cause of this. I want you to kill her to end the Analog wars. If you don't then I will."
Sara knows for a fact her friend is baring a child. She is expected to be due any time now. Sara only gets letters from her friend.
" I'll let you sleep on it."
Days later Sara hears that her friend has died by Dracs. Sara and a few friends send letters and pictures to the post office. A android is the post office sender.
" Send this to Zone 1 post office. Its very important. They'll know who it's from."
A android takes the small package that's full of letters and pictures and puts a Zone 1 post office on it. It opens a air shooter that leads to the Zone 1.
" Thank you for your time miss. Next in line."
Sara goes back out and joins her small group of friends. They all have a moment of silence. Sara walks away from the group. A Yellow haired Porno droid goes after her and tells her to be careful.
As Sara enters her house a light opens. A Drac is on a armchair. He has a gun in his right hand.
" I've had watch you and your every move for the past 5 years. You're a Analog War supporter and you must be eliminated at once.
" Why? I haven't done anything! You can't! I have a little girl you monster!"
The Drac puts his index finger to his mouth.
" Shhh the little one is asleep. You don't want to wake her up now do we."
The man laughs and puts the gun to Sara's chest. He makes a bang sound and leaves. Sara goes to the room and sees if her daughter is okay. She is revealed shes okay and sits on the left side of the room not sleeping. She has a open tin box with two ray guns and a knife in one of her hands.