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Frankie Murder: Teen Killjoy & Birth Of A Shiny New Gun ch.6

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As Frankie set foot on Zone 5 Motor draged Frankies hands. They went into a store that looked like a bait shop for fishers.
"Look. Here are some clothes that you might like. Here try this on."
Motor gave Frankie a pare of skinny jeans. Motor gave Frankie a load of clothing that Ghoul and Kobra had to help. When motor was done giving clothes to Frankie, she and Kobra went to the candy store.
"Well I guess these two skinnys fit good. There only size 1."
Ghoul didn't know what to say. He never went shopping with a girl before. Only with Motor Baby.
"Uh huh. So....."
*whistles a tune
" I like this black Sex Pistols shirt. Also this den vest. Hey do you know were the bras and undies are Motor? Motor? M-moto
Ghoul just sat on a chair. He felt very uncomfrtable because he was by the undergarments. Most of the tags inside the underwear said rue21and hottopic. The teen girl poked her head out and saw Fun Ghoul. She felt a hint of red.
" she isn't here is she? Um..... Sorry."
As the minutes went by Fun Ghoul told Frankie to hurry to get her undergarments. She got what she needed but she had no carbon money. Fun Ghoul paid for it. He paid 28 carbon sh.
The group went back home and brought back candy. Frankie showed Motor her new clothes. The girls shared a bag of redvines. Frankie got to paires of black alumnus but one had fashion design rips with safety pins at the knees. She got a Sex Pistols shirt and a XL black male shirt.
Frankie got A 36 cup bras that were red,blue,and black. The straps were skinny straps. She also got batman undies 3 pair set. Frankie also got Motor a robot toy. Motor Babysnatched the toy and showed it to the guys.
"Guys look what Frankie gave me!look look look!"
The guys looked at the little curly afro girl. Motor hugged Frankie. But Frankie told her that Ghoul paid for it. Motor ran to Ghoul and gave him a huge hug.
"Oh thank you Fun Ghoul. Thank you."
Fun Ghoul said welcome and hugged back. Later that night Doctor D came over to see his niese. She told him how motor gave her loads of clothing but got to paiofblackskinnys but one was different. She showed him her clothing.
"Hey I've been wanting some Barman underwear. They'll protect me from evil."
" HEY! Those are mine you weirdo. Hahaha."
Dr D popped in a movie for the night. The movie they watched is Labyrinth. Fifteen minutes into the movie Motor and Ghoul fell asleep. After the movie was over everyone hit the hay. Dr D r back home. As everyone was in there room Frankie staid up. An hour later Frankie had to use the restroom. She went. When she got out she hurt someone say 'ow'.
"Hello? Party Poisen? Oh you okay?"
Party Poisen rubbed his head. He seemed like he hit it with a shelf.
" I hit my head on my desk. I dropped my pencil. What are you doing up?"
Party looked at Frankie then at the floor.
" I had to pre. What are you doing up?" Poisen took a paper and held it to Frankie. It wad a drawing of a cat.
Frankie looked amazed.
"You draw? Wow. That's cool."
Party put it back on the desk and sat on his bed. He ran his hands through his red hair. He looked at Frankie and opened his mouth.
" So kid how you like it here?"
" um its okay. There is no violence nor there is bookers. Why you ask?"
Party Poisen staired at the ceiling. Frankie walked over and sat beside him. Party said what was it like to be living in Bat City.