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Destroya Pills chapter 4

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Punk-Princess Luvs U's picture
on July 31, 2014 - 11:14pm

Ivy spoke in a low tone. " Meet me at the comic shop at 8:00 am sharp. No later than 8:15 am."
Gerard was going to ask a few questions. He wanted to know who she was and demanded answers now!
Ivy hung up shortly after the few seconds of silence. Gerard gave to phone back to Frank and headed back home. Gerard walked out of the club and lite a cigarette. As he was at the door of his house he looked at it.
Gerard stepped in side. He went to his room and lied on his bed looking at the ceiling. He didn't sleep much. All he could think of things like ' What does she want with me?' or ' Does she look like the girl in my dreams?'. Gerard also paced back and forth in his room til 7:00.
As Gerard walked out of his room to take a shower the house was quiet. It was so quiet that it made him feel alien or like he was a foreign object in his house. As he was showering he had this feeling of shouting out loud.
Gerard quickly got out of the shower after washing his hair. He put on his cloths and shoes on and headed to the door. It was 7:10 and the house was still quiet. He left a note that he was going out and left it on the fridge. He walked to the comic shop and waited for Ivy. 8:15 was around the corner and Gerard was nervous. Gerard felt someone tap his shoulder.
It was Ivy. She looked pale skinned, 5"5 and had a pixie cut. Her hair was black and her bangs were green.
" Hi. I'm Ivy Blue Lola Winters. We- I mean there is a lot to talk about."