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Destroya Pills chapter 2

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Punk-Princess Luvs U's picture
on July 28, 2014 - 9:54pm

Gerard walked around the park till noon time. He went to Franks house to hang till he left to go to the Lope Lounge with Jamia.
" Hey Gee!" Frank smiled in delight when he saw Gerard at his door.
Gerard smiled back and said hello to a young women with dark hair that was medium. He sat down and picked up a gaming controller to an Xbox. Frank had a gaming controller in his hand as well.
" So how was your day Gee? If you don't mind me asking." Frank took a quick look at Gerard.
" It was kinda slow, ya know. I bought a D and D action figure and walked around the park. I walked here so I could keep my mind off of thi-" Gerard stopped himself from telling Frank and Jamia about his dream.
Frank paused the game and looked at his friend. Frank patted Gerard on the back and opened his mouth. Right as he was going to say something Jamia got up from where she was sitting and walked up to Gerard.
" Gerard were worried about you. You haven't been here in about a month or so. Ever since you came back from the care center a year ago,you haven't been yourself. Well you are yourself but you seem to wonder." Jamia held his hands and looked at him.
" Um yeah. Your mom called me the other day if you were here. That was at night man."
Gerard Looked at both Frank and Jamia. He got up and looked down at his shoes.
" I can't explain it, ya know. I have these funky dreams. Like I go to the store or at a party and I see this girl with a pixie cut and blue hair or something."
Later that night Gerard sits in his room drawing.
"Its past 11:30 and I'm drawing. What to do, oh what to do." He looks at his phone and sees that Frank text him a few seconds ago.
Gerard changed out of his pj's and Got on some black pants, a white shirt and a pullover sweeter.