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Hello :)

What an eventful night I have had tonight, for correction I love in the southern part of the equator.

Babysitting my nephew is always a hands on task, he is 4 years old, which is okay because I am a energetic plastic ball too.

Had to drive him to sister's place where she works, it is easier that way because she is obviously tired and I don't mind driving I actually love driving. Where she works is like 8 kilometers away, so that is roughly 4 miles. Did that.

Then I receive a phone call, it is from my sister and she says her brakes are not working. Luckily, I know a thing or two about cars, I watch a lot of motorsport, I love Top Gear (Gerard, you and I need to discuss this show, I know you like it) and I know a lot of people who are mechanics - that and I am just a vehicle enthusiast naturally. She has a broken brake cable: the cable that connects fluid to the calipers. It's not a big deal to fix, but definitely not worth driving very far distances.

So, I drove it back to my place for her and I let her use my car to take herself and her son home. All I can say what an eventful night and now I will not finish my kitten painting, I will be fixing a brake cable. Oh well, I prefer her to be safe than not safe.