Stolen... XD

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Stolen... XD

Hannah "Small-E" Small


Whats your favorite kind of pie?
The classic ol' Aussie meat pie, with tomato sauce!

Whats your favorite band/singer?
MCR/Lady Gaga

Favorite fruit?

Favorite sport?
V8 Supercars... I live for it!

Favorite color?
Blood Red... literally :D

Favorite hair style for guys?
Short brown or black hair - dont mind a bit of blonde though.

Curly hair or straight hair?
Straight is more neater

Would you ever get tinted windows so you could pick your nose without people seeing you?
Nah! I'll pick me nose proudly lol

Do you think shampoo bottles should have directions?
Well, I like the fact that directions are all very brief.

Skinny jeans or flare jeans

Do you have braces
Nope, teeth as healthy as apples

What kind of computer do you have?
Laptop, its like a 2009 model .... i think

Would you swim the ocean for Kelsey?
If we are talking Kelsey. There was a girl in high school who bullied me pretty badly, so nah let her drown lol :P

Are you sad about Michael Jackson’s death?
Yes I was, true legend. Although, it was inevitable.

Have you ever been to a concert?
Plenty of them... in fact BDO Gold Coast will be my 12th concert!

Do you you know the meaning of Christmas?
I do but I love the fact that Jesus lets us open his bday pressies for him and lets us keep the goodies inside. Thanks Jesus! But seriously you need to do something about your employee Santa Claus, he's getting slack on allowing me to open pressies. XD

Do you watch Charlie Brown?
I used to. Too busy to watch TV anymore. Oh, where has childhood cartoons gone.