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Gerard, Ray, Frank and Mikey listened to Doc and absorbed as much information as possible. The evil plans, strategies and intentions of Korse and his sister made the Killjoys angry, but the counter-attack by the Killjoys was delightful.

Doc announced all the challenges that stood in the way of a successful plan to stop Korse and his sister from destroying the Earth and killing all humanity. The violence that awaited startled the Killjoys as violence has never been a part of their nature.

“You will have to kill Dracs, and Dracs once upon a time used to be human but they are just robots in human skin”, said Doc. “Can you do it?”

The Killjoys hesitantly nodded, and looked at each other. The notion of killing something that used to be human dawned on their minds. Doc noticed the emotional and mental struggle and agreed to adjourn the lesson for the night.

“Well, this is eye-opening”, said Ray.

Mikey was fiddling around with the guns they had modified to protect themselves against the technologically-advanced evil that plagued the Earth.

“I think we should call these Ray Guns”, said Mikey. “Ray innovated the gun, I think the honours should go to him”.

Ray nodded and shrugged his shoulders taking the compliment and credit in making a deadly weapon. Gerard and Frank looked at Mikey in silence and were worried at how much power Mikey really does possess.

The uncomfortable stare of Gerard and Frank made Mikey feel uneasy, he walked outside and stared up into the sky.

“The moon is still small and in the wrong spot”, Mikey said.

“Will it go back to normal if we defeat Korse?” wondered Ray.

“I don’t know. I don’t know what to think about any of this”, said Mikey. “A couple of weeks ago we were normal everyday humans and now we are destined to save humanity, we have powers and are the most powerful of the powerful – it just seems like we are in a dream but its reality”.

Ray nodded and agreed, “We are still the same normal humans, we are still a band and we are still artists just more unique than most”.

Gerard and Frank joined Ray and Mikey outside. They sat on the bonnet of the Firebird and handed Ray and Mikey each a can of Dr Pepper. They sat in silence, drinking Dr Pepper and staring into space. Gerard noticed something was missing in the night sky: it wasn’t the peanut sized moon but it was the small sparkles of the stars.

“What the hell does this idiot have against stars?” asked Gerard.

“Can you see up there?” asked Mikey.

“Yeah, and there are no stars”, said Gerard.

“Perhaps, Korse does not like sparkling and shiny things”, answered Frank.

“Well, do stars have any significance on this planet?” asked Ray.

“There is strong empirical evidence that high-speed atomic particles known as cosmic rays, generated from exploding stars, produce significant quantities of ions and electrons which affect the Earth’s cloud patterns: low-altitude clouds cool the Earth’s surface, and no clouds or high altitude clouds allow the sun to heat the Earth making it hot”, answered Mikey, his eyes suddenly looked down and he wondered where the hell that came from.

“So, what does it mean if Korse is destroying them?” asked Gerard.

“He’s trying to explode the Earth”, Mikey discovered. “Hey, Gerard, can you look far to the sun?”

Gerard looked toward the sun, “What am I looking at?”

“Just see if there’s anything you can spot that’s not meant to be there”, said Mikey.

“There’s a silver laser looking thingy out there and the sun is getting brighter has it becomes bigger: it’s really orange”, said Gerard.

“I’ll be back”, said Mikey as he ran to go speak to Doc. “Doc! Doc! Doc! I know how Korse is going to destroy the Earth”.

Doc dropped his spoon startled by Mikey’s entrance and screaming. He turned around and looked at Mikey waiting for him to speak.

“Gerard used his powers to look into space and the stars are gone and there is some sort of silver machine regenerating heat into the sun and that heat is making the sun bigger again,” explained Mikey.

“How is that connected Mikey?” asked Doc.

“Stars are significant to the Earth’s climate. With no stars in the Milky Way no stars can explode therefore no cosmic rays can generate to naturally manipulate the clouds on Earth. With no clouds that means the sun is open to heat the Earth’s surface causing major heat waves across the world,” explained Mikey. “Basically, Korse and his sister are going to use the heat of the sun to explode the Earth”.

Doc looked at Mikey, “See, that is why you four are the most powerful. So, what are you going to do about it?”

Doc walked away to the radio transmitter with his coffee and peanut and butter jelly sandwich. Mikey walked away and returned to the boys outside.

“What the hell are we supposed to do about this Korse guy and his sister?” asked Mikey as he sat down on the bonnet of the Firebird.

“Well, we know Doc’s battle plans, we know our abilities and we know how to control them”, said Ray.

“All that is left is to use them to save the universe”, said Frank.

“I can’t believe how far I can see things”, said Gerard, on an unrelated topic.

“How do you all feel about it though? Like I’m not sure if we are the people to save the universe”, Ray worried, “Doc said we have to violent and messy: we are violent and messy through our music but we aren’t in real life”.

“Can we still make music anymore?” asked Frank. “Like, what will we achieve?”

The Killjoys were silent and tilted their heads toward the ground trying to comprehend how much their lives had change in a matter of days. The feeling was overwhelming.

Mikey broke the silence, “I wonder why our parents never told us about our ancestors? Logically, if we are very powerful than our parents would have powers as well”.

“Perhaps, they just wanted us to be as normal as possible”, answered Frank.

“Perhaps”, said Mikey. “But now the way I see it is we have two choices: the first choice are to be nerdy cowards, run away, adapt to living in the ocean, make a living in an underwater cave and never show our faces again or the second choice be superheroes with awesome nicknames, awesome powers and awesome outfits and save this ungrateful planet and rid these people of a technological virus”.

“You hate the ocean”, said Ray.

“I’ll go deep into a forest and find a unicorn to be my companion”, said Mikey as he laughed.
Gerard, Ray and Frank laughed with him.

“Let’s go with the second choice”, said Gerard, “I just don’t want to lose any of you”.

“Doc said that we can’t die”, said Frank.

“I know but I don’t want us to change either”, said Gerard, “I don’t want whatever is waiting for us to change who we are or these revelations to change who we are”.

“Let’s make a pact right now”, said Frank, “We will have each other’s back no matter what happens”.

Ray, Gerard and Mikey did not hesitate to agree with the pact. Tonight, under the starless sky and the small moon the Killjoys accepted their fate and organised their weapons ready to move out the next day.

The plan is to go into the city and examine what is happening with all the people, take the chips from their bodies and try and uncover the weakness of their enemy. Facing danger is just part of the job.

Just keep running.

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