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Somewhere in the desert,
Sunday, 12th April 2020
Time: 4:56am

The masks were made, the jackets and pants were done and they all modelled their outfits. Gerard was already thinking like a superhero, but Mikey, Ray and Frank could not help but to think this was some sort of a joke out of a comedy movie.

None of them had sleep a wink since Doctor Death Defying told them about their written destiny. Mikey was awake all night not knowing whether to believe Doctor Death Defying or consider him an escaped mental patient.

“I know what you are thinking”, a little voice whispered.

Mikey looked around and could not find the source of the voice. He then remembered that Gerard created a little girl by drawing her in his head.

“Hi Alison,” said Mikey.

“It is real”, she said.

“What’s real?” asked Mikey.

“Your abilities and your power and you are one of four saviours of the planet”, she answered.

“Aren’t you supposed to be asleep?” asked Mikey, trying desperately to change the subject.

“I technically do not exist, so I am not really human. I am an image”, she answered.

Alison walked away and played with a small red ball. Mikey sat up for a while, in what would be his bed for a while, until he eventually decided to go to sleep.

Across the room Frank was curled up in his blanket trapping his body heat with all the might he had. His mouth was partly open, as it always was when he slept, and his right arm tangling over the side his palms open.

His brain entered into a deep sleep and again Frank started seeing visions, all different images moving rapidly in his mind. The images he saw this time were himself as a little boy running around with the family dog inside the house, a beautiful woman posing in a photo-shoot for a sporting company, a man dying from cancer in the hospital, seagulls arguing over hot potato chips by the shore and sexual intimacy between a man and woman stranger to him. All of a sudden his hands started to shake uncontrollably, his lips trembled and his eyes twitched: his body was having another seizure effect that nobody else seemed to notice. This time Frank woke up and did not return to his sleep.

Frank sat up with his feet dangling over the side of his bed, brushed his fingers through his hair and looked to see if Gerard, Ray and Mikey were awake. He stood up and quietly walked to the bathroom, washed his face and looked in the mirror. He started to see visions in the mirror as he looked into the reflection of his eyes, the same images he had just seen.

Frank’s eyes lit up, surprised but also in fear. “What the hell? I am going crazy”, he said aloud to himself. He turned around and went to feed off the food that they had collected from the city.
Frank remembered the abilities Doctor Death Defying announced he had: ‘the ability to turn your body into anything you want, supernatural or natural, a vampire, an alien..., your invisibility is undetectable to any security device no matter the technology or science it has behind it… flexibility giving you the ability to adjust your height, weight and body part lengths… sound… be as loud or quiet as you want…’. Did Doctor Death Defying leave something out Frank wondered. If he did, Frank must know what these visions mean.

Frank snuck into Doctor Death Defying’s room and woke him up gently. Startled, Doctor Death Defying grabbed a knife he kept under his pillow and stopped right at Frank’s throat luckily recognising Frank’s face before he slashed it off.

“What on earth are you doing? I could have just killed you!” Doc whispered angrily.

“I thought we can’t die?” questioned Frank.

“You can’t”, said Doc. “But with this blade you can because it’s... let’s say...special.”

“Okay. Listen I really need to talk to you about something,” said Frank.

“Alright, well, allow me to get my style on and we’ll go party outside,” Doc said.

Mikey woke up and listened to Frank calling on Doc’s help. He watched Frank leave Doc’s room not one hundred percent trusting this entire situation.

“Frank,” Mikey whispered.

Frank looked over to Mikey. “Yeah.”

“Is everything okay?” Mikey asked.

“Yeah. Just a little issue nothing for you to worry about,” he answered.

Mikey looked at him with suspicion, Frank smiled back at him and assured Mikey that he was fine and encouraged Mikey to return to his sleep.

“Dream about unicorns would you,” said Frank.

Mikey went back to sleep as he watched Doc walk up to Frank and walk with him outside.

“So, what’s the problem Fun Ghoul?” asked Doc.

“Could you call me Frank please”, Frank requested.

Doc nodded, “Whatever makes you comfortable.’

“The other night when you were telling us about our abilities and our destiny to save the world, did you perhaps leave something out about my abilities that you may have forgotten to bring up?” asked Frank.

“Not that I can recall at the moment,” answered Doc.

“Well, I have been having these visions. I have had them three times and every day is different and not all days do I see these visions. It only happens if I enter a deep sleep or think really hard. What does this mean?” explained Frank.

“These visions, all different images you say?” asked Doc, curiously.

“Yes. When we were driving out here I entered into a deep sleep in the car, just by the way, all these visions are not clear and they move way to quickly, but I picked up a bald guy, a little girl rolling a ball, an Asian woman, weird guns that shot lasers and Gerard ... Party Poison’s ... face. Tonight I saw myself when I was little chasing a dog through the house, a model posing in a photo-shoot, a man dying from cancer in hospital, gulls arguing over hot potato chips at the beach and two people having sex and I saw these same images as I did tonight in the mirror in the bathroom when I was looking at my reflection. I don’t know what this means, but it scares the hell out of me,” Frank explained.

“What it sounds like to me is the future and the past. It is rumoured those who hold extremely powerful abilities, especially those who are direct descendants of pure-powers, are able to sometimes see into the future and also into the past. The future of what will happen in the world, and perhaps what you are seeing his a gun fight or battle with Korse, Korse is bald, and his sister is of Asian background. As for the past, it is everything you remember from your direct descendants through to your own childhood,” Doc explained.

“Are these images a bad thing?” asked Frank.

“No. What you have is an extremely invaluable skill. It does nothing, the past is always correct but the future is uncertain, as they say futures and fates can be changed, and if what you see in the future is sort of accurate they can be changed if the outcome is of ill-desire,” said Doc.

“So, how do I control it?” asked Frank.

“First, you must accept this power and trust in yourself to be able to control your own mind. There is no magic to control it; to control it all you need is faith,” answered Doc.

“What are our direct descendants called?” asked Frank, “I am curious. Collectively we are the Killjoys, what are they called?”

“They are called Pures. Easy to remember and suitable because there are many generations of your family, Jet Star’s family and the Party Poison and Kobra Kid’s family,” answered Doc.

“Just our families?” asked Frank, curiously.

Doc nodded, “I do not know why, that’s something you will have to ask my boss.”

“Could you teach me now some of my abilities?” asked Frank.

“No. I’m tired,” answered Doc. “I will in the morning. You all have a training session.”

There was a moment of silence.

“Could I ask you a question Fun Gho... Frank... Kobra Kid does not trust me or believe all of this does he?” asked Doc.

“He’s stubborn. He will eventually accept this and believe it,” answered Frank.

Doc walked back inside the doors of the abandoned gas station and walked to his room to return to his sleep. Frank stayed outdoors and looked up to the stars. He decided to try his abilities and thought really hard to make longer his finger. The goal was to touch the rock that was attached to the dry ground. Nothing, nothing had happened.

He thought harder and finally a small growth in finger length. He thought harder and harder and eventually he reached his goal – he had touched the rock. Frank smiled and thought the way Gerard was thinking – he and all of them were very powerful superheroes.

Alison walked outside and sat beside Frank and handed him a sandwich. Frank and her smiled at each other and giggled at the sound of Ray’s loud snoring.