PHASE 3: Bury the Truth and it will be Unearthed… Eventually

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PHASE 3: Bury the Truth and it will be Unearthed… Eventually

Somewhere in the desert,
Thursday, April 9th 2020,
Time: 12:21pm

Gravel soon became dirt and buildings soon became tall stalks of cacti and large rocks; Doctor Death Defying’s bike caused a thick plume of dust as he zipped down the straight desert road making visibility tough for Mikey, Ray and Frank, being passengers looking out the window trying to enjoy the view, but not so tough for Gerard.

“Dude, can you even see where you are going?” asked Ray in the back seat.

“Yeah,” answered Gerard.

“I’m curious. Why is that Gerard is not yet frozen like the drivers in LA?” asked Mikey.

“Don’t analyse this, just enjoy the ride”, said Gerard. “Firebird Mikey, we are in a Firebird”.

“I am aware we are in a Firebird. But aren’t you a little curious as to what the hell is going on? ‘Doctor Death Defying’, if that is his real name, said we are called ‘Killjoys’, what does that mean? I’m wondering if we should have gone with him, he might have escaped from some mental asylum”, Mikey questioned.

“Maybe he has an alter-ego so Kotse, or whatever, …”, Ray started to speak.
“Korse”, corrected Mikey.

“Maybe he has an alter-ego so Korse cannot identify him, and the term ‘Killjoys’ might be our collective alter-egos”, Ray proposed.

“Maybe”, said Mikey.

“Is Frank all right back there?” asked Gerard.

“Yeah, he’s asleep”, answered Ray.

The past couple of days, when the world turned upside down, the frozen people, the killing of people, the looting they had committed, the change in weather and solar and lunar locations and of course the shrinking of the sun, had exhausted Frank’s brain.

Tiresome, this may be the only chance Frank would obtain a decent sleep before Doctor Death Defying revealed to them some fanatical prophecy, not that Frank would agree with such madness, he felt as though that would be enough to send him to insanity.

His eyes started to twitch as he entered into a deep sleep, soon after his lips and hands started to tremble and shake uncontrollably. Perhaps he was having a seizure of epileptic proportions, but that’s absurd Frank does not have epilepsy. This uncontrollable fit lasted only a few minutes, and nobody had even seemed to notice his body had a fit.

Frank remained asleep, still certain that he needed some shut-eye, like it was important to have so he could survive and not go crazy. Visions started to appear. These visions were not clear, every picture went pass so quick that all Frank’s brain could interpret was a bald guy, a little girl rolling a ball, an Asian woman, weird guns not powered by World War 2 ammunition but some sort of lasers and Gerard’s face. It was too much and Frank woke as quickly as he went to sleep.

“Are you okay?” asked Ray.

“I’m fine. Just a nightmare”, answered Frank.

Frank slumped back into the leather back seat and looked out the window and saw the big plume of dust. Mikey stared into the car’s side mirror and observed Frank’s facial expression, it was not a lie that Frank wasn’t concerned as to what he saw.

“Hey, he’s pulling up”, said Gerard.

Gerard parked the car not so far from Doctor Death Defying’s bike. Doctor Death Defying removed his helmet and dismounted his bike and signalled Gerard, Mikey, Frank and Ray to continue to follow him inside, what looked to be, an abandoned gas station.

“Gentlemen”, he said. “Welcome to my place. Here a will answer any questions you have and explain what is happening. And also, please call me “Doc”.”

Ray and Mikey had their guns drawn in case Doc tried something which would harm them. Frank and Gerard stayed behind the two for protection as they were unarmed.

“Please, Jet Star and Kobra Kid, put down the weapons”, Doc instructed.

“Is he talking to us?” asked Ray.

“Our names are Ray and Mikey”, Mikey answered.

“Those are your Christian names”, said Doc. “Please, gentlemen, if I wanted to hurt you your guns would not be enough to kill me, allow me to demonstrate”.

Doc reached out his arm and concentrated to turn an oil canister into dust that fell to the ground.

Doc reached out his fingers and concentrated his eyes again to change the shape of the canister and eventually restore it back to its original shape.

Mikey, Ray, Frank and Gerard were shocked and believed, they were certain, that they had entered into the pages of one of Gerard’s comic books. How do they return to normality?
Doc used his power, unimaginable power, to pull some comfortable chairs so the men could sit and listen to what he had to say.

“So, by now you will have already noticed that people are dying in the street, people are frozen in their cars, the sun and the moon are no longer following Ecliptic line, the sun has downsized to the size of pasticcio nut and all of you have not been affected and are starting to have unrealistic abilities, almost inhumane”, said Doc.

“The reasons are not natural, they are not environmental and they are not as a result of some sort of climate change. These are the acts of evil; pure, dark and ruthless evil at the hands of Korse”,

“Korse is now the CEO of BLI or Better Living Industries, before that he was an exterminator and the head of the Scarecrow department and now head of that department is his adopted sister also evil. Korse murdered his father to inherit the company, a technologically savvy company that makes all kinds of gadgets for spies and scientists but now he is using the company and all its technology to destroy the Earth and all the creatures that live upon it”,

“Korse and his sister, name unknown, have used a very powerful shrink-ray called Transference Alternation , powered by high voltage lasers and electrical currents to move the sun and moon off the Ecliptic line, the sun is the moon like the moon is the sun, the same circle, bet they never taught you that in school. When they did this, it obviously shrunk the sun and the moon to the same size as a nut”,

“Korse used another machine, called a Shape-Shifter, to change the colours and shapes of clouds, which is why they are the way they are, he then used another machine called the Detensifier, which has the power to keep clouds constantly saturated with water causing it to snow. Eventually, we believe, these machines will permanently change the Earth’s natural environment causing a string of natural disasters upon the Earth, destroying cities and small towns, destroying crops and destroying everything on this Earth – nowhere will be safe”,
“That’s where we come to the people dying and becoming frozen. Korse has many doctors and nurses, police officers, paramedics, politicians and many other people in the right positions who are paid to inject people with microchips, these microchips are small, they are futuristic and they are deadly. They are little bombs waiting to blow; first humans become mentally, physically and emotionally challenged and then they drop where they stand, these microchips flash allowing Korse and his employees, code-named Dracs, to know that these little bombs have done their jobs”,

“As for those frozen, unfortunately they will never awake again. BLI announced some months ago that they were entering the car manufacturing business building cars that will squash the competition and will become the new irresistible gadget that all consumers must have. See gentlemen, the world are full of hungry consumers and they will do anything to buy the next hottest thing. Korse contaminated the steering wheel and driver’s seat with a serum designed to feed off the leather and steel of a car, it grows like a tumor and eventually kills the person, sucking out the heat of their bodies and once that heat is gone the human becomes ice”,

“So, why does this involve you? You are collectively known as ‘The Killjoys’, your names are [pointing to Gerard] ‘Party Poison’, [pointing to Mikey] ‘Kobra Kid’, [pointing to Frank] ‘Fun Ghoul’, and [pointing to Ray] ‘Jet Star’. The four of you are more special than the rest of us; there are many people out there with special abilities that are not human. How you came to possess such power is simple, your powers have been passed down to you, they are genetic powers and all of you have had a relative immediately close to you that possess pure power”,

“You all probably think I am insane and I speak like I belong in an institution for the insane but all of you have experienced your powers briefly as Korse continues to destroy the planet. But I want you to acknowledge and use these powers, control them and let them become a part of you because the four of you are the only people pure enough immune from anything Korse does to you. Korse cannot defeat you, that means you should never reveal your powers to him ever!”

“Can I just stop you there, you are wack man”, said Mikey. “Why should we even believe this?”

“Kobra Kid, the smartest, strongest, fittest and fastest of the bunch. You know you have become smart, strong, fit and fast. You noticed you were smart when you figured out the environmental and weather shifts and the cameras watching your every move, you noticed you were strong when you could open that car’s door for the telescope, it was locked wasn’t it, and when your martial arts training worked, you were really bad at martial arts before, you noticed you were fit when you walked to the city from the freeway, these three were tired and exhausted but you could walk more farther without water and without stopping and you noticed you were fast because of your reflexes, your martial arts ability again, that smart mouthed and aggravated gangster on the freeway was no match for you. Am I right?” explained Doc.

Mikey looked at him, knowing Doc was right, he had noticed a change, he rose to his feet and started to walk away, almost embarrassed that Doc revealed all this in front of Gerard, Ray and Frank. Doc tested his reflexes by throwing his chair at him. Gerard, Ray and Frank tried to stop Doc, but Mikey sensed danger lurking, spun around at lightning speed and kicked the chair away causing it to break in thousands of tiny pieces.

“See, what did I tell you?” Doc asked rhetorically.

“So, what about me?” asked Gerard with curiousness.

“Party Poison, you have very good abilities – creativity, immaculate vision and mind control. You can draw on paper in your mind and have whatever you want turned into reality, try it now,” explained Doc.

Gerard thought hard and drew the image of a little girl, with brown curly hair and brown eyes. Gerard mentally drew this little girl having fast running powers and a telepathic connection with him, Mikey, Ray and Frank. As Gerard had his eyes shut, everyone else saw the image he was drawing and it was evolving and coming to perfection as he kept drawing the little girl in his mind.
Gerard opened his eyes as he finished drawing the little girl in his mind and standing before him was the same little girl her had drawn up in his mind. “That is freaky”, he said.

“We will need to perfect that more so Korse never knows what you are drawing ok. Your other two powers, immaculate vision and mind control, is pretty straight-forward. Party Poison you are able to see distant paths, paths that other people take and see through anything that blocks whatever you want to see. You are the perfect navigator and that is why you are always to drive the Firebird, you will be in a better position to know where to go, how to get there, where Korse will be and how to get to him. As for mind control, you can make anybody think anything you want, make them do anything you want and make them behave however you want. Not even a metal helmet can protect a person from your control, that’s just how powerful you are,” Doc explained.

Doc turned to Frank and smiled and said “Fun Ghoul, my favourite powers are what you possess; there is a reason why you were born on Halloween. That’s because you have the ability to turn your body into anything you want, supernatural or natural, a vampire, an alien to Jet S tar or even Korse and his sister themselves; you also can become invisible, hence your name ‘fun ghoul’, your invisibility is undetectable to any security device no matter the technology or science it has behind it. Two last powers you have are flexibility giving you the ability to adjust your height, weight and body part lengths so you can escape or break into any space and sound, you can be as loud or as quiet as you want to be.”

“You are telling me this now, I have been short my entire life,” joked Frank.

“Last but not least Jet Star,” pointed Doc. “Your abilities are the ability to produce fire and rain from your body, meaning you can endure any climate no matter how hot or how cold, like a star in the sky, the ability to fly and run at fast speeds, the ability to produce light, which also means you can see in the dark and the ability to the intercept the bodies of others, meaning you must run at them with full speed to possess them and then control them.”

“I will teach you all how to use these powers and perfect them so we can stop Korse from destroying the world. You are the most powerful people we have, you four are the only ones who can stop him because unlike the rest of us who have power he cannot defeat you because you four are direct descendants of pure power. Also, before you ask any questions there is one very powerful ability you all have in common: remember these words ‘Killjoys never die’,” explained Doc.

“So, this is our destiny in other words,” said Ray.

Doc nodded. “So are you in?”

“We will think about it,” answered Mikey.

“One question, what do I do with the kid?” asked Gerard.

“Whatever you want,” answered Doc.

“Maybe we could use you,” said Gerard, bending down to the girl’s height. “Your code name is The Little Girl but I’ll give you the Christian name Alison.”

“You are all welcome to stay the night and think about this,” said Doc.

“Won’t Korse find us here?” asked Mikey.

“No, this place is immune to his powers and his machinery thanks to your ancestor who created a force-field to protect us all from the evil that would come out of people acknowledging their powers. Korse is an example of someone using his powers and his resources for evil purposes, but he is not the first and he is not the last,” answered Doc. “Besides, with all of you here, I doubt he would hurt you all because Korse is a very smart criminal.”

Mikey went to the car, grabbed the sacks of loot they had stolen from various shops in the city and placed them inside the abandoned gas station the Doc has called home. Mikey grabbed the paint brushes and paint he had stolen from the art shop and all the embroidery and haberdashery equipment.

“If we are going to be superheroes we may as well look the part. Let’s paint our masks and make ourselves some jackets,” he said.

“Art is the weapon,” said Gerard.



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