Parallel Universe (My MCR Fanfic) [What it is about blog]

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Parallel Universe (My MCR Fanfic) [What it is about blog]

Hi Killjoys,

Recently I have been writing a fanfic that I intend to make novel length, and since none of you have read, I assume, on the other website I am writing it on I have no choice but to upload my art on this site.

So, what is it about? The fanfic is tilted 'Parallel Universe". It is based on Danger Days using the same characters and famous props we have come to love and buy as merchandise but the story line is different.

Korse, now CEO of BLI, has unleasehed a technological virus into the bloodstream of all humans in the world to exterminate them so he can create a whole new world. However, some people slipped because they have powers, which they were born with, but could never be used until now, that immune them from the evil of Korse. These people become superheroes and of course Gerard, Mikey, Ray and Frank are the most powerful superheroes and all hope relies on them to defear Korse and his dracs.

It starts in LA.

Phase 1 and 2 will be uploaded soon. Enjoy!